Reviews: Fanfic/Points Of Familiarity

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  • Comments: I tried for about two hours to sum up the first (and so far only) chapter but as can be expected with Bpen, words fail me. The story has Shinji being summoned as Louise's familiar, so one might expect hilarity to ensue...except Bpen has largely ditched the harem comedy elements of the Zn T anime in favor of the rather more serious tone of the light novels, and more to the point the Shinji that Louise summons isn't Emperor!Shinji (for now), it's post-End of Eva Shinji, psychologically broken to pieces, traumatized beyond description, apparently haunted by Asuka's ghost/spirit/whatever...but also with nothing left to lose and nothing left to break. Make no mistake, this may not be the Hot Blooded Possession Sue Bpen is best known for but he's already shaping up to be something special in a completely different way.
    • Willbyr: As is the case with many NGE crossover fics, Zn T is a title that I don't know anything about, so this was another intriguing opportunity to see how NGE could warp another world's reality. Shinji's unique combination of a need for penance, innate don't-rock-the-boat cowardice, and genuinely caring nature, as well as the way that his "what could possibly break me more than what I've already gone through?" mentality affects his berserker-in-battle side, make for a great replacement for the canon character that Louise summoned. I also like how Asuka was used in this (especially with the reveal in the second chapter that Asuka apparently died giving birth to their child), and I'm looking forward to the exploration of this aspect as much as I am the Louise/Shinji angle, which the second chapter appears to be laying the foundation for, although not necessarily in a romantic sense. The third chapter really starts playing with the theme of Shinji having the humanity gestalt in his head, and also starts to introduce more of Zn T's central cast, which leads to some rather funny moments with Shinji. In short, Bpen's struck gold again.