Reviews: Fool Moon

The Series Begins to Find its Footing

Fool Moon is a bit of an improvement over Storm Front. While admittedly it starts out really slow, and Storm Front in its entirety is better than the second quarter, once it gets to the fight in the Police Headquarters, things really take off. Once you get there, the character development gets better, the action starts reaching new heights, and the humor turns from a mild chuckle to absolutely hilarious. The changes to the concept of werewolves are actually pretty interesting, and it's nice to see another person actually bothering to explore the possibility of a reverse-werewolf, which really needs to get more media attention. Like Storm Front, the book is flawed, but its highs manage to surpass its predecessor, and it sets up an interesting development for the Dresdenverse, one that surprisingly still hasn't completely taken off, but hopefully will soon.