Reviews: Frozen Synapse

One of the best strategy games you'll ever play

Frozen synapse is a strategy game in its finest form.

You are put in charge of a small top down squad, tasked to complete missions on a map, such as eliminating an enemy squad, rescuing hostages, and capturing areas. To do this, both players simultaneously enter orders for what a squad member is supposed to do, and then once both players have done so to show the outcome of these simultaneous orders.

A good equivalent would be a top down rainbow six. Each turn is done with deliberation, and proper strategic execution is so amazing it is ridiculous.

There is both a single player campaign, and a multiplayer game, both of which have destructible terrain, randomly generated terrain, and over 10 game modes, both in light and in fog of war.

The game is well designed, and I cant think of any significant flaws. In short, get this game.