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I tried to like this show, really
First of all, I love Craig McCracken and the many other cartoons he worked on. He has great ideas that encourage children, adults, and artists alike. However, this is one idea that should have been developed better.

The characters and the world they live in are original and outstanding! Each one has a unique design and you could tell them apart from one episode alone. Their roles in the show are understandable and make sense, however...

the HUGE flaw in this series is the mean-spirited humor. You wouldn't look at this series and expect it to be mean-spirited, but it is. And it's not just one character or a few episodes, it's EVERY character in EVERY episode. Bloo gets a lot of flack for being the Jerkass, sure -especially when you compare him to the first episode, where he was just a lovable trickster who never meant anyone harm. But in the 2nd episode he starts whining, stealing, and kicking people in the shins and calling them "rip-off artist!" (ok, it was funny when it was the salespeople, but why did he do that to Mac?) He gets worse with every episode, and honestly I could put up with him if he had a single. Likeable. Trait. If they made Mac his Morality Pet, then it would alleviate the pain, but he can't even be nice to his creator.

And even if you can ignore Bloo (which is hard, seeing as he's the SECOND MAIN CHARACTER in the show!) you cannot ignore that EVERYONE ELSE in the show is also a Jerk Ass! Frankie, Mr. Herriman, even Mac! And even though Bloo isn't likeable, you can't help but feel bad for him when everyone attacks him and they're Not So Different. I've watched up to the sixth episode (or 5th, if you count the two-parter as one episode) and I'm completely torn. I want to like this series again, I liked it when I was a little kid, but for me, personally -it's harder to watch now.

If you want to see Craig McCracken at his best, look at Powerpuff Girls and Wander over Yonder.
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