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Wait, this is actually decent?
Well, I had seen all the reviews lambasting the nickel-and-diming in this game, enjoyed the snark and stayed away. But recently I spotted it, and it's now free to download, so on impulse I grabbed it.

I'm... actually enjoying it.

Swiping my fingers over my party and having them all "YAAAAARGH!" and jumping at the monsters is fun. Not deep or thought-provoking fun, but fun nonetheless.

Yeah, the greed-factor is still appalling, but if you don't care about having Cloud and other iconic characters in your party, you don't need to pay a dime. Going back to the map resurrects your characters, so the hourglasses aren't needed. If you wipe with a boss almost down, the battle pauses so you can just wait a bit for a few characters to come back and finish him. Or go back to the map and Level Grind some earlier fights.

This is not worth paying for, but as a free app it's actually a decent, mindless time-waster, like a slot machine game.
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