Reviews: Folie A Plusiers

Comment by Naganonamy

Very hesitant to second. It's got a great and original premise, but that doesn't necessarily mean good story. This one has the potential to go either way, as the writer develops. The quality varies greatly even from paragraph to paragraph. And it loses points because writer has little to no knowledge of psychology or the workings of a psychiatric hospital.

Comment by chibiaries

An interesting look at all of our favorite nations in a psychiatric ward. So far, most of the fic seems to be focused on introducing the various characters, but it has a very promising start. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the random sprinkle here and there of French in the dialogue, but translations are provided. And yes, as Naganonamy below and some of the reviewers pointed out, one negative of the story is that author has little knowledge of psychiatric hospitals,but it doesn't really diminish the enjoyability of the fic.