Reviews: Football Manager

9/10 - Would Recommend

Definitely a very "Fun For Some" game. Some people don't like the very hands-off style of the game. You control none of the players, only tell them to get out there and screw the other team up, as well as making the tactical instructions.

And be very aware, everything you do carries weight. Everything you say to the media could wind up in your best player's morale tanking, or could result in your opponent's worst player going out and playing the game of his life against your side, screwing up your invincible season.

There are some laughs, though. Especially with the In-Game Editor. For instance, you can stick teams you don't like, and Tottenham, into League 2. Or even create your own team (though you have to replace someone, because the game can't handle more than the hard-coded number of teams in a league) and players. Or even max our Nicklas Bendtner's stats so that he truly is TGSTEL.

Long story short, if you don't mind a game with more strategy than action, this game is good for you.