Reviews: Far Cry 3

Rambo: The Game

If you're in a hurry, here's a couple of quick tips about Far Cry 3:

1) This game kicks ass.

2) Play it on the hardest difficulty.

3) Don't stay on the island.

Far Cry 3 is a remarkable game, seamlessly blending open world sandbox style gameplay with stealth, shooting, and survival (the Three S's). If you ever wanted to go exploding tip bow fishing for bull sharks, or flamethrower cassowary wrangling, then Far Cry 3 delivers. If the most dangerous game is more you're style, the game boasts a robust array of takedown techniques, that are not only useful, but entertaining as all hell.

Right, that's the good stuff out of the way, lets talk shittyness.

The one part were Far Cry 3 stumbles the hardest is in the story department. Things start out promising enough at the outset, but take a sharp turn toward Avatar street about a third into the game. The story could have been more interesting if the tribal aspects were implicit rather than explicit, i.e. the tatau you receive at the start was from an eccentric expat a bit too into his adopted culture, the Rakyat are just modern day people defending their homes, etc. The story uses too many Mighty Whitey cliches and treads too much familiar ground to be compelling, and DON'T EVEN get me started on the ending. The ending isn't nearly as bad as Mass Effect 3 's, but it's still god awful. The binary aspect just feels contrived, and is in desperate need of a third choice, preferably one that doesn't end with a knife to the chest, or an unstoppable killing machine trying to reintegrate into normal society. Because I'd give him about three days before he starts turning household appliances into IED's.

Welcome To The Jungle, We Got Fire And 'Nades

Farcry 3 is easily the best games to come out in the series.

The gun play is well done, and never gets frustrating or stupid. There's just enough variety to keep you amused, and running back and forth to sell loot for the next big gun. The upgrade system works not by increasing stats, but by buying new parts which adds new and important functionality to the game. Whats more amusing are the 'hidden guns' which unlike previous guns can't be modded, but instead have more than a few add-ons, like silenced versions of guns you can't get otherwise, overpowered rifles, and so on, most of which you use instead of your ultra expensive $34000 vanilla guns.

The World is fantastic, with many things to see and do, most of which you'll never finish off without hunting it all down, yet it rarely feels like a chore to go down into a hand crafted platforming section to get a collectable. The addition of short platforming sections to activate radio towers doesn't feel out of place, rather it blends in seamlessly. Outposts aren't the annoying frustration in Farcry 2, rather they're amusing challenges given and you end up looking forwards to them. Side quests are well written, and you never feel like they're wasting your time or are add-ons to lengthen the game.

The writing is fantastic and the animation crew really got on board, with the cast being beautifully animated showing a wide range of emotion and well voiced and written as well. the story is engaging and pulls you in and never lets go, with zany, fun, and outright insane people; the story can be amusing and then veer right into horrific without leaving you disjointed or confused, a very rare feat. Ultimately, however, the game has flaws. As you finish off the game, you find yourself becoming bored as there's less and less to do. Enemies begin to vanish, and the continuation (regardless of whatever ending you get) is really there just so you can do the last few missions. With no new game plus, the game has nearly no replay value whatsoever.

Go buy it, but don't expect it to amuse you play through after play through.