Reviews: Fallen


I agree with previous reviews that this fic wasn't quiiiite "professionally written" as advertised. Just from the 8th or so of the story I'd read (and while it is long, the chapters are relatively short with a chunk of the beginnings filled with review responses and song lyrics) I didn't feel it was anywhere near the quality of the original series. And since it's a long fic, I was anticipating seeing the writer improve as the story went on, but then I got to chapter 10 and there's a Rape as Drama moment with Kel being attacked by a Tauros as Raoul, Lord Wyldon, and Dom look on. And she's still ELEVEN years old at this point. I could not deal with the seeming gratuitousness of the scene, and lost all interest in continuing. It's a real shame, since the prologue was indeed quite intriguing and I was looking forward to learning what events led Keladry there.


I made it to about chapter 9 before I skipped ahead to see if the story was done. This is not, as the recommendation claims, written on a professional level. For one thing, in the beginning chapters at least, the author doesn't seem aware of the difference between "their" and "there." In addition, there is too much use of the passive voice. The sentence structure at times is also awkward.

An interesting concept, to be sure, and maybe I'll eventually finish the fic. But for now, the writing is simply too much of a turn-off.


Repeating the sentiment that this is one of the best fanfictions I have ever read. I HIGHLY recommend it to any Keladry fans.

Badly written

Okay, perhaps the plot of this story is amazing. I wouldn't know—I simply couldn't get past the terrible writing. Way too much passive voice and "as you know, bob" dialogue and telling language meant I couldn't get into the story at all. The prologue was intriguing, but the chapters that followed made me quickly give up. And I skipped around enough to know that the writing quality never gets better. Perhaps worth a read if you can get past this sort of thing, but I can't.

Fallen - incredible protector of the small fanfic

Fallen is definitely among the best fanfiction I have ever read. It is (in my opinion) better than the original series. Kel and Alex are both very intesting characters and Kel's heroism and bravery seem far more real and far more impressive, since she is fighting for the future of a nation rather than against petty bullies. The writing is excellent, the characters very deep and the plot compelling.