Reviews: Friday The13th 2009

What you paid for.

At the end of the day, you pay for a ticket/rental/copy-of-the-film to watch a Friday the 13th movie to see Jason kill a bunch of kids in various ways. Now, admittedly one could make an argument that the kills themselves aren't very creative or that the acting and writing aren't that great, but you knew those last two going in. It's the first complaint, about the kills, that's a bit of a mixed bag.

First, Jason moves a bit differently than he does in other movies. He's less stiff, more in motion than some of the other films, but that doesn't impact more than being visually interesting. This Jason is clearly not the undead badass and more the determined psychopath living off the land, which is neat until you get that he's not going to be doing crazy awesome kills except for one or two.

Second is the acting, but you know that going in because you're not getting A grade actors but mostly folks around college age acting in a slasher movie. They're a cut above some b-grade slasher casts, of course, but you're not getting Oscar performances. The exception is Jared Padalecki, whom while not the greatest actor still has presence and the added meta fun of being Sam Winchester from Supernatural. You can easily put this mission against Jason as one he did while he and Dean were having a spat, and imagine he's lying the whole time about his 'sister', whom you can imagine is so traumatized will accept ANYONE coming to save her from Jason.

Still, you can do worse for this kind of film. Trust me, the direct-to-dvd sequels of The Pulse are still around...