Reviews: Fox Moon

Will of Foxfire: great characters and story-telling

Molliemon is very good at writing excellent stories, and this is no exception. Just like in her other stories, Minato and Kushina are interesting characters who are consistent with Molliemon's other fanfics, and are clearly very much human (as ironic as that is, considering the circumstances in the story). The minor O Cs are interesting, consistent and many are recycled from her other stories.

Molliemon also gives us an open window into the inner workings of a character's thoughts, which she does brilliantly, allowing the reader to understand why they did what they did. It is also very much the characters and their interactions that drives the plot, and the reader is often left partially in the dark about things to keep it interesting. Molliemon keeps the reader in guessing (with plenty of hints, but nothing definite) about what exactly Naruto is, among other things.

The exposition is also given in interesting, plot relevant ways of either a character thinking things over; two characters conversing and one of them revealing the information to the other; or a character going on with their daily routine, driving the plot forward while revealing things to the reader. The exposition flows quite nicely with the story, and the author avoids info-dumps rather well.

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  • Comments: Fox Moon is a one-shot, Will of Foxfire is a series based on — and continuing — the plot bunny. This is NOT a prequel type fic, it takes place starting just before/after the Wave Country arc. IMO the author's own synopsis should be fine but in case it's not... Ninjas = Demon Hunters, Minato was bitten by a werewolf before he married Kushina and was thrown out of Konoha when he was outed. Kushina also left and gave birth to Naruto in Whirlpool but it was discovered he also had werewolf tendencies and exiled from there as well, while Kushina was punished and prevented from ever visiting Konoha again. Naruto now has to live amongst the very people who would kill his kind so he can gain enough power to rescue his mother... but why does he look like a fox?
    • As of March 18, 2011, the series is 168k words and updated on a weekly basis