Reviews: Fragile Dreams Farewell Ruins Of The Moon

Heartwarming story, average game

Fragile Dreams is not a good game. It has great moments, memorable character and can strike a chord on you, but is lacks any value as a game. It sounds very harsh, but overall the game lacks any meat gameplay wise.

Let's see the elements that work on the story: You play as Seto, a 15 year old boy who is alone in desolated world with not a soul to be on sight. When he finally sees one(a girl, of course), he chases after her, meeting all sorts of characters that were left alone in the world as well, letting Seto to know the stories behind him. From ghosts to heartbroken merchants, it really moves one to see their tragedies and loneliness. Finding that girl and escaping from his loneliness is Seto's only motivation at that point of his life, and while it can get "emo", it certainly feels human.

Now why they don't work as a game: For once, the pacing. The game is packed to the brim with poorly implemented cutscenes that break any flow the exploration could have. The fact you're only incentive is to find out the scarce population left on Earth also discourages complex exploration when the maps are linear to begin with.

The combat system is also very simplistic. It isn't the focus and it shows. The combos are non existent, weapons are limited to button mashing, there's no dodging or any sort of interesting management or strategy, let alone challenge. You're set on rails in a game where you can't customize much of your combat style, and there's no choices between using which weapon, meaningless on itself when there are only three types of weapons and it's clear which is the stronger type of them, throwing away any and all potential replay value. The bare-bones gameplay is just an excuse to get the story told.

Which as a game, kills it. There's NOTHING justifying this to be a game. It doesn't tell a thing through interactive ways that couldn't be achieved with a more basic or typical way like an animated series or a movie format.

In short, Fragile Dreams would work better as an animated movie, an OVA series or a 12 episodes long anime than a full priced game. Is worth a rental or buying for cheap, but it's certainly not a masterpiece in what respects to action RP Gs.