Reviews: Forging The Sword

Very Professional

This story is very well written, easy to read and really does a good job of maintaining Rowling's style of narrative. The only difference being a lifting of the restriction on Harry being the only Point of View character. The characterizations are logical, well thought out and carefully maintained, everything takes exactly as long as you think it should and overall the work is just very professionally done.

A Long Term Investment that pays off.

"This has been one of my favorite long term stories as it does do things differently. By long term I mean it doesn't update often (It's been running since 2007 and only has 9 chapters to show for it). That's the only downside about this story as it has great characterization and impressive takes on the series as a whole."

Good lord it has a dark opening as the summary suggests Harry realizes that even though it's the right thing he still regrets doing it. It's a Break The Cutie moment that certainly leads to Harry wondering if he failed this badly how things could be worse in the future. It leads him and the rest of the Trio into a major search for Level Grinding that leads them all over the canon in ways that you'd be shocked actually make sense.

The biggest mystery to me is as of the latest chapter and indeed the whole story is why Lupin isn't the Defense teacher and who exactly the Defense teacher will turn out to be.