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Pixar's Magnum Opus
Damn near everything about Finding Nemo is perfect. I shouldn't really need to mention the animation because dogs bark, birds fly and Pixar films have good animation. But I feel like I should mention it anyway as water is difficult to animate and yet 95% of the movie is set underwater, but it still looks incredible. The designs of the sea animals are cartoony but not to the point of being distracting and the humans glide straight over the Uncanny Valley and aren't creepy as hell (the humans in the first Toy Story have always creeped me out a bit.)

The story is a standard "hero and his quirky sidekick go on a quest" plot but it's very well paced, you never get bored and it's far more interesting than standard quest stories as Marlin isn't looking for buried tresure or the Holy Grail - he's looking for his son. That theme of parenthood and responsibilty is what makes Nemo entertaining and engaging for adults, as well as children. Marlin and Dory are both very likable and engaging characters and you WILL want they to suceed in their quest. The side characters (the Tank Gang, the turtles, Nigel the pelican) are also well written and likable.

Nemo is also a shining example of why not every story needs or requires a villain and it shall lead the charge in my great campaign to prove this to everyone. In conclusion, forget Ratatouille, screw The Incredibles; Finding Nemo is Pixar at their very best and it's a big shame that it often gets overlooked.
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Pretty, but not to my taste
There is no doubt that the movie is a feast for the eyes, but I don't find the story to be a feast for the mind. For my taste, it's too episodic. The first time I watched it, I had to leave part way through to take an emergency phone call. Twenty minutes later, I walked back in and found that I hadn't really missed anything. That sums up my overall response to the movie. You don't really miss anything if you don't see it. True, there's a story arc for both Marlin and Nemo, but neither one is an arc that requires a full-length movie.

It's still very pretty, I will always grant that, though.
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