Reviews: Freddy Vs Jason

Incredibly Entertaining

With a title like 'Freddy vs Jason' you really wouldn't expect a whole lot, would you? Two pop culture figures clashing is something hard to do right, and given the ah... interesting shifts that Freddy and Jason took in the latter parts of their careers, well you wouldn't expect them to make for interesting antagonists... And yet...

Well the flick is just a joy to watch. Freddy and Jason both roar back into full form, perhaps showing their most imposing incarnations in this film. Freddy manage to be both absolutely hilarious and utterly heinous, and Jason is so monstrously intimidating that he almost comes off as a very angry Terminator. Special mention has to go to the cornfield rampage, I mean hot damn (ha). And hell, the film even manages to humanize him a bit by showing a flashback to his horrible childhood in Crystal Lake.

The bits with the humans are kind of a chore to watch, mainly for how dull they are most of the time, and it's only in the climax where they really become interesting and part of the action.

The titular fight still looks great to watch, really slick and well choreographed, and the gore throughout the film is also quite spectacular too. Even years on, it still holds up.

Perhaps the reason why I enjoyed it as much as I did is because the film knows not to take itself too seriously, it knows what it is and it knows full well what the audience came from, so it makes the final clash the goriest and most astounding part of the whole film.

Great to watch, I highly recommend it.