Reviews: Fun Size

Half-good, half-bad.

To start off, I should mention that saying this was not what I was expecting is a huge understatement. In my general experience, Nickelodeon specializes in Getting Crap Past The Radar, but even that experience couldn't have prepared me for this. This movie didn't get crap past the radar, it packed it up in a box and hand delivered it right to the radar station. That would have been a refreshing change from the usual if the comedy hadn't been so hit or miss. Some of the more "adult" jokes (read: Toilet Humor) really fell on their face. If I went through every moment where I went "That's not funny", I'd be here all day. (Not to mention I can't remember all of them.) Now, that said, there was some parts that made me crack up. I laughed my guts out when Victoria was doing her Halloween costume rap and pretty much the entire sub-plot with the brother lost in the city had me in stiches. And there were a few of serious CMOH's that made even the lame jokes worthwhile: 1) Wren offering up her prized jacket, i.e. the only reminder she has of her deceased father, in exchange for Albert. 2) Wren taking Albert to the cemetery to visit their dad, which prompts a heartfelt "thanks" from him. 3) Her mom finally signing the financial aid form that Wren needs.

Overall, it's not the best movie I've ever seen, but I didn't hate it either.

My rating: 6/10