Reviews: Fragments

Gorgeous, Hilarious and Painful.

Fragments is, in very few words, the best internal crossover/Time travel work in Fanfiction. Net.

The characterizations are so deep that you may be scared to find Cthulu in it (which is not so farfetched in this fic), the fight scenes are tremendous, both in epicness and in complexity and as of last chapter the Thirty Xanatos Pileup had go to such heights that its almost impossible to deduce who is in charge of everything or if it even somebody in charge.

As explained before, its a story of Team 7 returning to their genin day but with a catch: each one of them are form a different dimension in a third, unconnected but similar dimension to the original Manga.

Sakura, from a Hellish realm where Sasuke and Naruto killed each other in a Titanic battle, liberating abominations so great that most of the life in the planet is completely wiped out. Sakura had returned to the past to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. She is a brutal, sadistic, animalistic, alcoholic survivor with a deep seated GRUDGE against both his teammates and the world.

Naruto is from an almost carbon copy of the original manga, where he and Sasuke ended killing each other in the final battle of Konoha, but not before Sasuke opened a black hole with his Sharingan, taking both of them, Konoha and Madara; and for some reason sending Naruto to the past. He is confused but determined to save Konoha and the world.

Sasuke is from a dimension where he is the container of the Kyubi, where his father sacrificed himself to seal the beast instead of the fourth, avoiding the separation of the Uchihas from Konoha. He is like a nicer, perverted, happy go luck version of Naruto who died in the Final confrontation with Madara, watching both of his friends die before being expelled from his home dimension. He is obsessed with protect and reform Sakura and make Naruto Hokage.

Its a tale of redemption, of horror, friendship, battles and what it would take not only to Time Travel and what it would do to the original souls of the Dimension, but what reality is.

And then there were more.

It will make you laugh, cry, cringe and whoop for their adventures.