Reviews: Feminism

Really Really Good, No Double Standards Here!

This is amazing. The first chapter is a bit rushed to get to where Raito and L meet, but otherwise it's great. The memory gambit is done very well (I like how Raito can't remember why Misa sees her as a big sister figure all of the sudden), which like all Death Note stories is when they fall in love (though Raito was trying to seduce him beforehand).

The falling in love itself is funny, because Raito sometimes acts like a serious Manipulative Bitch only to get upset when L calls her out on it (note that in these situations L is presented as being right to do so—no Double Standard here). Part of Raito's love is definitely I Love You Because I Cant Control You, and L seems just as fascinated by Raito's mind as he is by her attempted manipulations (some of which work) though he doesn't seem to mind that she's also very pretty. This fic works hard to avert Double Standards while still putting lampshades on many of them such as when Raito and L get in a fight, L proves he Would Hit A Girl despite Light trying to take advantage, and L pointing out that a true feminist wouldn't conform to beauty norms when Light is obsessed with her appearence. There's a bit when both mentioned when they were kids they wish they were the other gender, only for them to start laughing about it. And Raito keeps teasingly turning L's percentages right back on him.

The best part is the marriage subplot. It starts with a few jokes about getting married if Raito turns out to be innocent and how she keeps picking up the room she shares with L (yes they are still chained in this one) to practice "wifely duties", and then they sort of keep going all the way to engagement with both starting to wonder how much is teasing and how much is real...

It doesn't matter that it's a Dead Fic, you can use the last chapter as an ending pretty effectively.

Also, the best line is when Raito asks L if maybe they should tell her father about the relationship (currently in a less-factitious stage) and L essentially says: "You're clearly trying to get me killed. Your percentage of being Kira just went up."

Marlee Cross' review

A very good genderswap Death Note story. Sadly, the fic appears to be dead, but the 9 posted chapters are still well worth the read.