Reviews: Freddy Got Fingered

Look at me daddy, am I funny yet?

I saw this movie completely unaware of any critical opinions of it, which is what I try to do when I see a movie, so I form an opinion of it that's as uninfluenced as possible. The movie sucked. It was nothing but pointless bad attempts at shock humor. Tom Green couldn't write a good joke if his life depended on it. Likewise, his "humor" is nothing but continuing attempts to cross the line. One line from the movie sums up my feelings of Tom Green as an individual, and as a so called comedian. "Look at me, daddy, I'm a farmer!" The line, however, should be changed to "look at me, daddy, am I funny yet?"

But alas, Green is neither a farmer nor is he funny. He apparently thinks that humor means writing in almost complete non sequitur, and acting like he's some bizarre combination of retarded, stoned, and insane.

Seriously, licking a guy's scraped knee? Gross and stupid, and certainly not funny. Giving a horse a handjob? Gross, stupid and certainly not funny. Giving an elephant a handjob later? Not only is it gross, stupid, and unfunny, but now it's not even original; it's just the same dumb attempt at humor again. Flinging a baby about by its umbilical cord? You may expect me to say it was offensive, but by that point, I was simply too irritated by how dumb the movie was to care. It was all just idiotic. The only time the gross out humor actually worked (aka was actually in the least but funny) was the scene with the deer carcass, which was sort of a "well that's stupid," kind of humor anyway.

There are times when a character's stupidity can be used to comedic effect. For an excellent example, see Dumb And Dumber. Here, it simply amounted to a grown man screaming like a three year old on deleriants for 90 minutes. You can't just run around like an idiot and expect it to be funny. There must be actual jokes, actual situations of irony, not just some guy running around essentially saying "IS THIS FUNNY!? IS THIS?! HOW ABOUT NOW? IS IT FUNNY WHEN I DO THIS?!"

To point out the only things I found slightly funny just so this isn't a long rant, here are the few scenes I found funny: the deer carcass scene, the scene with the shower and the wetsuit, and the "backwards man" song, although that still went on too long, and stopped being funny due to it.

Horrible movie, about 15 seconds that are slightly funny.