Reviews: Fan Fic/Narutos Compensation

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  • Comments: Do NOT read if you want a happy go lucky Naruto. If you don't mind angst then give it a try. No pairing. Signed up to be a troper JUST to add this fic to the recs.
    • This fic takes an intriguing premise and executes it horribly. The first few chapters serve only to disillusion and embitter Naruto, so that down the line the author will be able to turn him into a cynical badass while claiming that he's still in character. The intent could be excused, were it not for the fact that every other character in the first few chapters acts like an idiot or a monster in order to achieve Naruto's level up. Sub-par grammar and Naruto figuring out how to create and work ninja puppets all on his own cemented my bad impression. Any readers looking for a Puppeteer!Naruto fic would probably be better off checking out Scorpion's Disciple, recommended above. Your Mileage May Vary of course.