Reviews: Fate Reach Out

  • Leid
  • 20th Jul 15
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A Perfect Blend

Fate/Reach Out is a perfect mash-up of characters from both series, with Shirou replacing Yu Narukami as the leader of the investigation squad in Inaba. What does this change?

For thing, Shirou is prone to look at things from a magecraft-user's point of view and his initial thoughts on the Social Link system is how easily it can be abused, which he hates. These are things he has to come to terms with, that there are mysteries beyond what he knows and that bonding with others isn't a bad thing.

For another, the story takes a turn when he goes back to Fuyuki for holiday and we see into the mind of Taiga, who has her own shadows of doubt about being an Adult Child.

Development comes from both sides, with neither one remaining stagnant. Even Kotomine's perspective in things is covered well.

I highly recommend this fic!