Reviews: Flight Of The Navigator

It was great until robot Pee-Wee came into the picture

I never saw this movie as a kid so I admit that I don't have any nostalgia for this film. I decided to watch it after seeing how many people called it an underrated classic and I really did get into it too. The whole mystery of waking up eight years later and not having aged a day, a strange space ship, voices speaking to you in your sleep, it was great. I was surprised that they actually had David go into the ship so early in the film too. I honestly thought that they were going to drag out the mystery elements for the rest of the film and save the reveal until the end. It was pretty refreshing for them to go in that direction. Max was a great character and the mythos surrounding what the ship was doing was pretty darn interesting. Then...Max gets his data back and turns into robot Pee-Wee, veering right into Alien Scrappy territory. Good god did it take me out of the film. You ruined what was turning out to be a pretty awesome character just for that? It also marks the point where the plot pretty much takes a nose dive as well. They throw out all the interesting elements just to have them fly around for the remainder of the film doing nothing while Pee-Wee cracks terrible jokes. I can't believe that some people actually defend the Pee-Wee personality change but like I said, I'm not nostalgic for this movie like a lot of people are. I know remakes are generally frowned upon, but if the remake of this film fixes up the terrible last half of the movie, I think I would enjoy it a lot more.