Reviews: Fable III

Great game, but very different from the previous ones

Fortunately for the game I managed to avoid all of the hype, and inadvertedly ended up playing it before any of the other Fables so I didn't have any expectations. Now that I've bought The Lost Chapters, I can see a lot more behind the complaints.

I played the PC version, but this laptop is brand new, so I probably had a cleaner experience. There wasn't any lag, the graphics were pretty good, and I don't have an Xbox version to compare it to so maybe I'm talking nonsense. The combat is different from Fable I (and probably II); but, I did sort of enjoy being an overpowered magic user who could just hold down surround spells and watch everything die in almost a single hit.

The first two Fables could be roughly described as "Hero builders" — but III? Not really. It's got a lot of customisation as far as games go, but it's not on the same level. The Hero of Brightwall is, basically, good. The choices in the game that are Evil seem to be mainly included just for fun (killing everyone in the village and then farting on a bunch of people's faces is a hard thing to justify in any game) or in order to sort of tempt the player into Less-Good (you're running low on Gold...*... but if you want to get it safely you'll have to listen to an obvious villain and turn the orphanage into a whorehouse... but if you don't do that everyone dies). In this way, III's hero is more of a character in his/her own right, especially with that little voice. On the other hand, you lose the earlier games' ability to turn into, like, a giant hulk with devil horns popping out of his head. Which was, quite frankly, bloody awesome and really gave you a sense of progress. Both ways have their ups and downs, but I think maybe because of this III's style might have worked better as a spin-off type thing.

I liked III's plot better than I, but from what I've heard of it II's does sound better. I did like the whole industrial theme.