Reviews: Faery Heroes


I am not a fan of bashing characters, or of the annoying habit of Dumbledore's inner monologue consisting on "the Greater Good," but this is one of the exceptions.

Unlike most writers that just bash characters in the series for the heck of it, the author does make an effort of explaining in and out of story why certain liberties are made with the characters.

Molly trying to drug Harry with love potions? Based on a scene in the 3rd book where she told Hermione and Ginny about her brewing a love potion and no seemed bothered by it.

Ron being treated as a false friend? The story goes through great pains to examine him and have Harry reflect on the treatment of his former best friend. Not to mention, his behavior as a prefect in the story isn't exactly as far off as his behavior in the same role in the 5th book.

Ginny being obsessed with Harry and thinking she loves him? Harry makes it clear that she is in love with the idea that he is supposed to be. I don't mind Harry/Ginny, but with the writing examining some of her characteristics, it makes a little more sense. She is interpreted as the least threatening one.

Dumbledore? .....Do I really have to mention how he knowingly dumped Harry in an abusive home?!

The story is admittedly not that focused, but its more on the heroes taking down the threat enemy by enemy. Not that bad, all things considered.

Moving comments to reviews

Anon: An amazingly well done time travel fic featuring Lunar Harmony (HP/HG/LL). Plenty of Dumbledore and Weasley bashing. It's also complete.

Awful bashfic with no redeeming value

I recommend you do not read this. The Villain Protagonists are huge assholes to absolutely everyone, gleefully ruin the lives of people who haven't even done anything to deserve it yet, go on a crime spree just because they want money, and in general are completely unsympathetic.

For instance, Ron being coerced into being friends with Harry at the age of eleven is used as justification to curse him with enough bad luck to make him wish he were dead and make him wet himself whenever he so much as thinks unfavorably about the caster.

The only person who wasn't undeniably villainous in canon whose treatment is even vaguely justified by their actions is Molly Weasley, and that's largely because her character was butchered into making her someone who casually dosed her entire family with potions all the time, including giving her husband love potion in the same vein as Voldemort's mother.

The fic ends with the protagonists casually murdering Ron in the middle of the Great Hall during a feast, giving Ginny an overdose of love potion and pointed at a mirror, Obliviating Draco Malfoy to the same extent Lockhart was in canon, and watching Dumbledore die alone after giving him their word that they will not even give him a proper burial. Then they go off to have lots of babies together. Just...ugh.