Reviews: Family Guy S 10 E 3 Screams OF Silence The Story Of Brenda Q

Well meaning, but cliche and hypocritical

The biggest problem with Family Guy nowadays is that, by trying to add Character Development (the first three seasons had this, but it was more subtle), they are resulting in cliche plots and a lower amount of Jokes. However..... I will state that the episode itself is well meaning.

The idea of Family Guy actually taking on Domestic Abuse is actually a decent idea in itself. I feel that this episode is trying to be heartwarming, and still use it's darker side for good. In fact, making the statement that domestic abuse is not OK at all and not excusable itself is a pretty strong message to get across to the demographic of Family Guy.

However, it just does not work.

For one thing, it's rather hypocritical. Peter Griffin abuses his wife and daughter regularly, the show plays abuse and misogyny for comedy, and the previous episode's message has been interpeted by many people as "stay in an abusive relationship for the benifit of the abuser", yet this episode takes the staunch opposite message. (OK, I know that "SSP" was intended to air months before that, and it was an attempt to maintain the Status Quo, but it's still inexcusable)

Also, the episode is not realistic and factual. If you want to be dramatic, be realistic. Get the facts about what happens right, 100%. Instead of being realistic by going through a court process, we get an "epic" ending where Quagmire crushes Jeff with his car. Cool, yes, but not realistic. Also, Rhode Island has a "Castle Doctorine" law, in which Quagmire could have gotten some amnesty if he saw Jeff assault Brenda and shoot the bastard.

And the biggest problem? It's ultimately cliche. Family Guy's biggest problem lately is that all of the plots and resolutions are basically cliche sitcom plots (with, ironically enough, more rape jokes and lowbrow humor). This episode is no different. Throw on Law And Order SVU, you will get the exact same plot (except actually realistic, and without jokes about clown porn).

Look, don't waste your time with this episode. Not worth it. The idea alone gets it a 3/10, but the execution solidifies it does not go higher then that.