Reviews: For It Was I Who Chose To Start


The main disappointment is that this is quite unfortunately unfinished. Otherwise, this is a wonderful fanfic. It was also quite interesting to see the story from multiple perspectives (Matthew).

Comment by Anonymous

The authoranon CAN write. My favorite bits mostly had to do with Alfred and Kiku's interactions with each other. Thank goodness the story begins with a hilarious (imo quite IC) conversation between them about Ivan, cause Russia is (once again) not Hetalia's Russia. (For reference, see Hetalia section in Draco In Leather Pants page.) However, irregardless, I am reccing the fic, cause even Heta Oni's Russia isn't IC, and this fic is very well-written.

Comment by DontQuestionIt

Still a work in progress, this story is quite different from the normal student/teacher AU. It has a plot, for starters. It realistically deals with the troubles of their age difference and homosexuality in a high school setting, the effects of a very dysfunctional family, and past traumas both physical and emotional. The characterizations are amazing, they all have a well thought out and complex back story. This is very heart wrenching, fluffy, and steamy love story while adding in the appropriate amount of humor and pop culture references that come with a nerdy Alfred. It is definitely worth reading.