Reviews: Four Months Before The Golden Rooster

Thimble's review

There aren't many prequel fics about Clow Reed, and of those, this is one of the awesome ones. Family antics and drama, sibling rivalry, and an exploration of Clow, still quite unsure of himself, working out how to deal with the English countryside he's never seen before. There are a handful of issues with copy-editing but the prose is clear and, on the whole, rich and detailed. I admire the writer's research into the astrological underpinnings of the setting. Where this really shines, though, are the characters, who are written with depth, sympathy, and antic humour. Cerberus romancing the pancakes. Cerberus's friends Mr Rake and Miss Leafbag. Cerberus Running Away From Home And Not Coming Back Ever. (Yes, Cerberus is definitely a main character in this one.) There are hints of a developing Clow/Yue relationship that is, considering no-one has done anything but try to banish improper thoughts, still pretty creepy, and I suspect it will become a major conflict/challenge of the story. As of this recommendation there are thirteen longish chapters with several completed story arcs. Updates are a bit slow, alas. I look forward to more.