Reviews: From The Ashes

Comment by Anonymous

I felt that at sometimes America was too awesome for his own good, and his language was at times very OOC. It also seems to put all the blame for the past break in America and England's relationship on England. Still, it's a nice and well-written story and is worthy of a rec.

Comment by Moon_Shadow5973

I know, I know, right? Another post nuclear war fic? But this is probably one of my favorite Hetalia fanfics of all time. This authour is incredibly skilled, with a writing style that is vivid and engaging. The characters are kept surprisingly well in character for a fic with such a dark premise. (Canada in particular is very well depicted. He's avoided falling prey both to becoming incredibly whiney or a complete deadpan snarker. A few others falter a bit as the story progresses, but not badly) The entire fic isn't angsty, though. It's got some very good humorous, heartwarming, and actiony scenes, all of which play out well. (And slowly, so very slowly, we're starting to see a few romancy scenes. Though they haven't overtaken the fic.) The entire story eases along at a very solid, interesting pace. Nothing is rushed, but at the same time, I don't think it's ever dragged. The only thing to watch out for I think would be a slightly OOC interperetation of Russia at points, though it's pretty well justified, I think.