Reviews: Faeries Landing

Dark, but still humorous.

For those looking for a light and fun read, I probably wouldn't recommend this series. Yes, the first couple of volumes are just so, but the series quickly turns dark - really dark - after about 8 volumes. From then on, it's a rollercoaster of tragic storylines and angsty realisations, that kind of thing.

The characters and plot are twisted and complicated, and everyone is plotting against each other or have some sort of secret agenda or whatnot. It's confusing at first (at least for me it was) so I'd say some of the later volumes warrant a second read. Mainly, there's just a lot of secrets and dark pasts that no one knows about, so everyone is kind of running around confused trying to figure out what's happening, who's behind it and why they are doing what they're doing. Oh, and throughout all of this, the story still happens to somehow incorporate elements of quirky humour.

Overall, it's very complicated. Beautifully so, if you see it that way, and I do. Sure, it's got flaws and an over-dramatic plotline, but it all works together well-enough and the artwork is stunning to boot.

Definitely worth a try if you're into angsty, complicated storylines with a large dose of humour.