Reviews: Fate Stay Night Ultimate Master

Surprisingly better than its premise makes you expect

When I first got interested in this fanfic, I saw a lot of comments on it saying this couldn't work. And while I am a fan of both franchises involved, I can see why they thought so. I mean, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Fate/stay night don't really sound like universe that can be merged together, right? One is a kid-friendly, american cartoon about a Kid Hero and aliens, while the other is a japanese Deconstruction of heroes with magic and clearly adult setting. The two hardly have anything in common. And yet, somehow, it works here.

Quite surprisingly, the mix here feels rather organic; the author manages to make some genuinely interesting interactions between the characters, such as Ben and Shirou being portrayed as Not So Different (A point that Ben's servant Avenger being a Saber Expy helps emphazise), or Caster trying to take advantage on Ben's idealism to manipulate him. None of the characters are derailed, they all act like you would expect from canon; except maybe Ben who is portrayed as closer to his AF self than his UA incarnation, but frankly, it's for the better considering how going to the opposite direction recently went. Ben can come up as something of an Invincible Hero at times due to him overpowering the other characters, but it's nicely balanced by the others being more pragmatic and less naive.

Now, I cannot say for sure the fic is perfect. It has some grammatical and minor continuity errors, and the author is sadly slow at updating it (the last chapter came only after a long hiathus). Some dialogues can be a bit clumsy at times as well. But overall, it's a good read, full of very good awesome and funny moments. You can tell the author put some efforts in writing it.