Reviews: Freak Angels

Something That Should Be Read

Everyone knows that Watchmen was the proof that comics are a legitimate art form and that instead of taking on board that message the industry in general decided it was proof that people liked things dark and horrible. Finally again genuine stories are emerging that can only be told as they are told.

Freakangels is one of those stories. This is something you should read if you like good stories period. It takes it's ticks from great disaster story writers, like John Wyndham and HG Wells and in someones this story is better than some of those. This is on level with The Day Of The Triffids and Fight Club and Watchmen. It crosses all boundaries and tells a legitimately great story with real substance, told through what you see and read. Unlike other comics and webcomics, it's now a complete run from finish to end and it was always meant to be. This isn't a story whose size has been dragged out but a pattern that was shaped and then told from beginning to end.

It's about youth and Britain and growing up and it will connect with you and take you on it's journey. And it's free. Go read it now.

In the whole thing I only have two criticisms, it feels like it ends sooner than it should, but that's only because I wanted it to go on and the story had the importance that it felt like it was something that should span years, saying that it has an ending and the ending that it should have. Secondly the people of Whitechurch are a bit of a no show, we never learn what they think of the Freakangels, why they don't seem to have plans or be involved in themselves or even if someone of them resent the Freakangels and want to lead themselves. Who do they think the Freakangels are?

But I am a harsh critic (see my Avengers review :D ) and that there are only two flaws in the whole story should mean something. If you enjoy fiction, this is something you should read. If you're feel embarrassed or ashamed about reading a webcomic, this is time to get over that. You know what else tells a story with pictures? Films. And people read those, instead of being ashamed this is something that should inspire you to get other people reading it too.

It's rather good.