Reviews: Fear

Willbyr's review

As a pure Mythos/Eva mix, this is much better overall than CoaEG, especially in terms of the quality of the writing, the use of the characters, and the ability to conjure the atmosphere that the Mythos is supposed to carry. You won't be disappointed.

Ultra Sonic 007's review

At only 20 chapters and 70,000+ words, this fic will only take the better part of an afternoon to read through. But it's worth it: the Angels have been replaced by actual deities of the Cthulhu Mythos. With regards to how this affects the battles...well, the horror is subtle and implemented well. The revision of Rei's character fits well with the atmosphere of fear and paranoia that always seems to lurk in the background (not to mention Gendo, especially with regards to how he treats Rei). For such a short story, it does a great job with the material offered, and the interaction of the Pilots makes for a good read. And the Cthulhu, the ending.