Reviews: Five Zer 02

5zer02 was disappointing

In comparison with other slenderman youtube series (such as Marble Hornets or Everyman Hybrid), 5zer02 is not a series I would use to introduce someone to the mythos.

A long setup is a common feature of many slenderman vlogs and blogs, but 5zer02 takes the cake for the longest and dullest of them all. Some of the first setup videos (in which they explore Cherokee park and the downtown area) can be up to and over fifteen minutes long, even with fast-forwarded parts.

Other vlogs and blogs alleviate the boredom with foreshadowing, audio/video distortion, and glimpses of the tall guy himself, but there is no such releif to be found in 5zer02. Allegedly, slenderman does feature in these first 10 or so setup viwdeos, but I failed to spot him. It definitely feels like a waste of time. No horror series should ever be boring. Marble Hornets managed to make its long silences suspenseful, but 5zer02 fails in this aspect.

When it finally started to get interesting, the acting started to get hammy, and not in a good way. There were few genuinely scary moments. If you've watched slendervlogs before, this one is predictable. One of their group gets kidnapped by Slendy, goes crazy, and someone starts posting to-the-ark style videos on their channel. In short, this series does not seem to offer anything new or original. Marble Hornets, Tribe Twelve and Everyman Hybrid all do it better.

The one positive thing I have to say about this slendervlog series is their handling of slenderman. I'm not sure how the creators did it, but their slenderman is inhumanly tall, towering over the other characters. This aspect is very well done, and I would love to see other series try this, as it adds to the creepiness of slenderman.

I gave up watching this series about 30 videos in (not counting the ones I skipped). I will not continue to follow it, and do not recommend it.