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im still corcern...
Okay CR Iím seriously concerned. I realize you donít like the direction the show went and thatís fine. I realize you donít like Cadance being an alicorn, and especially donít like they made Twilight one. I even agree with a few of your points that they have trouble writing the characters at times, but are you really REALLY this against anything pony now? You just had a post not to long ago making fun of a kid who admitted to being a brony, and how his dadís Ďheart breaks in halfí which honestly comes across as you saying the father should be disgusted his son likes the show. Are you that angry at the fans of the show now? Am I suddenly a piece of shit because Iím still enjoying it? Because what bothers you, doesnít affect me in the least bit? Seriously so there are a couple of other lesser Alicorns. I really donít see it as the end of the world. Still itís your choice not to like the show anymore. It happens with stuff, but now you just seem to be mean for the sake of being mean. I really want to believe itís just for laughs, but wellÖ Like I said Iím a bit concerned. Only thing i would change here is the word ďsadĒ instead of concernedÖ and yes in the end one can stop enjoying somethingÖ but to the point to be marked as someone bitter over this totally silly subjectÖ yeah sad. Waaay too concerned over what CR does. Itís easy to make occasional posts like this one. Maybe mean spirited, but still amusing. Itís not like heís spending every minute of his life thinking about how much he hates ponies, lol. And heís responding to people, not bringing it. The post with the brony and his dad was funny, thatís all.
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