Reviews: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Favorite game of all time.

Presently, this is my favorite single video game of all time, a title I do not bestow lightly. Since it came out, I have yet to find a game with its masterfully-executed gameplay mechanics, compelling story, and, of course, utterly breathtaking graphics. There is no part of the game I do not enjoy. Even the necessary peripheral equipment serves a purpose that far and away makes up for its inconvenience—it keeps the screen from becoming crowded, and it does a good job at that. We get a full view of the games crisp graphics and the smooth battle system the entire time. The chalice system is a subtly clever way to avoid the annoyances of a split-screen. Of course, this only makes it so much worse that the sequels are so disappointing (the train of thought seeming to be, "Recall that wonderful game we made? Let's change as much of it as possible!")

All in all, I cannot recommend this game strongly enough. It's best played multiplayer, of course, but there is nothing stopping you from enjoying it by yourself. It's definitely a standout on the Game Cube and in Final Fantasy history.