Reviews: Fillmore

Crime/Mystery/Suspense Show In A Junior High Setting.

This is by far one of the very best and most outstanding series from Walt Disney Television Animation, as well as being among my favorites of not only over the last decade but of all time. I didn't check for it when it originally aired on ABC, but I'd make up for it by viewing the majority of episodes on Youtube. It got me hooked ever since and now I wish I had done so sooner. As the last series produced by WDTA alone and prior to hooking up with the Disney channel in co-productions, I'm so glad this was the one to go out on with a bang and it was the perfect one. In fact, it got me so hooked that I wish it wasn't dropped as soon as it was after a couple of seasons. Although I still haven't gotten through finishing the whole show, its early cancellation has left me wanting more. What had I been missing or overlooking for as long as I had? With next September marking a decade since its premiere, that would be a really good time for both seasons to be brought to DVD (and they deserve to be released on that home media).

Anyway, the series' premise consists of a black boy named Cornelius Fillmore and a goth girl named Ingrid Third who are safety patrol officers attending X Middle School. But they act more like detectives or investigators. The program is a send-up of various cop shows and movies such as Shaft, Dragnet, 21 Jump Street and others. One of the things I love about this show is how the two partners in crime-solving-and-stopping both came from previously troubled backgrounds, but then reformed by getting together and joining the team. Another thing I love about it is how this crime/mystery/suspense cartoon is set in a junior high school, which makes it original, intriguing and different from all the others in the same genres. Other characters in the main cast include Principal Folsom who acts as the mayor, her vice principal Raycliff, Horatio Vallejo the junior commissioner, Danny O'Farrell the crime scene photographer, Joseph Anza the bodyguard trainee and Karen Tehama, whose specialty is forensics.

Highly recommended. May not have been the intention, but I like how it managed to transcend the youth demographic. Despite the pop culture references being lost on most kids, I nonetheless wish it ran longer than it did, because it was so worthy of that in addition to having a general audience.