Reviews: Free Willy

A real bore of a movie

With orcas being my favorite animal, and with the movie being as hyped up as it is, Free Willy was a real disappointment for me. It's just incredibly bland and I haven't figured out why it was so popular. (though Nostalgia Critic might be on to something when he claimed Michael Jackson doing the song for it helped it out) It's just a very generic Boy And His X type of story. There's really nothing special about it. The plot is cliche, the writing is just average, and the boy protagonist is not very likable. (it might be just me, but he seemed like a bratty little ingrate) Even the climax was terrible. That was probably the result of the combination of the climatic scene being shown EVERYWHERE, even on the poster, to the point where you don't even have to see the movie to know what happens, and the fact that the climax was stupid and pointless. Willy the orca has to get to the ocean, but some nets set up by the Big Bad are blocking his way, so he has to jump over several feet of rock. Why didn't he just jump over the nets? Would've been less risky and it would've been easier for the orca. But no, the writers decided to have all the characters, even the animal, to be holding the Idiot Ball so they wouldn't have to write a climax that made some sense. While I wouldn't call it a terrible movie, it's bland and there's nothing special about it. I would've easily forgotten the movie if 1. it didn't have orcas (I just like orcas, okay?) and 2. it didn't get so popular.