Reviews: Final Destination

Horror Voyeurism

There is not much to say about this series of film that hasn't already been said: it's a cheap, commercial slasher movie that uses way too much Ludicrous Gibs to even be "entertaining".

It's just a Doom-like videogame without the guns and the undead. The plot is trite, the deaths are predictable and nothing short of overdone, the characters are flat as shit and the ending isn't even satisfying. It's a pointless Excuse Plot used to show people getting chopped up and butchered in every imaginable way. But this alone doesn't make a great show.

This kind of movie is done only to attract slasher movie enthusiasts and people in need of a good scare. But, unless Ludicrous Gibs are enough to fascinate you, there is nothing of note there. It's just another of those works people watch/read to satisy their voyeurism and to try and tame their visceral fear of death by watching atrocities.

I found it boring

I never understood what was the big deal with this movie. Some friends made me watch this, promising me that it was something like “The future of slasher” films, but what I saw was a crummy, boring and flat film, full of clichés and incredibly predictable plot “twists”. (I could see the ending coming from the very first minutes) “Final Destination” is just another, typical slasher film, made for commercial reasons. Not that I have something against that, but…I guess that this film is not my cup of tea. This is supposed to be entertaining. And yet, I found it to be pretty boring and flat. I would say that is even a bland film, despite all the violence. I wasn´t entertained at all by this film. I found it to be the kind of film to someone forgets just after seeing it. I found this dull and uninspired. (And uninspiring as well) No wonder why that horrible “Dragonball” film was a flop, if it was directed by the same guy who was behind this drivel.