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Tropers: Alrune
This female troper is the creator of a few character pages among other things.

I am also a contributor to the Laconic Wiki since I have my way with summing things up. In terms of editing, my motto is "Deleted without a reason = Reinstated without Justification", and I stick by it because you should always justify deletion of a line on a page, at least so that the same errors aren't repeated. Deleting because something "annoys" you isn't a valid reason for deleting.

Usually known for showing signs of:

Strongly watches out for the bluenoses and other self-appointed censors that remove curse words because they feel it's too raw for their squeamish little hearts.

Created character pages for:

Created the following articles:


Contributed to:

... and many others that I don't remember just yet.

Feel free to vandalize Here

  • Woooooooo! First one for the first time!... So yeah.
    Nice to know someone French. Greetings! - Amused Troper Guy

  • I think I love you... Darkspectar

  • I, on the other hand, am not particularly fond of you, but understand that we just have different viewpoints and will probably like you at some point in the future. - Aranamor

  • You are awesome XD - MSCC93

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