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Characters / Berserk

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"Unforgettable things, unforgettable people... and all of it by the tip of the sword."

Berserk features a rich and varied cast of characters, each with their own role and personality. Here you will find character bios and lists of tropes as they pertain to the individual characters, and in some cases groups of characters.

Characters who only appear in the Prototype are listed at the end of "Other Characters", while characters exclusive to the videogames are confined to their respective games' pages.

Remember: Read and understand the portrait policy in the editing window before adding a character portrait.

BEWARE OF UNMARKED SPOILERS! While we make an effort to cover some of the most important spoilers, we cannot guarantee that every potential spoiler will be hidden, or that those that are will be hidden consistently. Character bios in particular are likely to discuss late events in the manga. Lastly, some tropes are going to be spoilers because of their mere presence. You Have Been Warned!

  • Guts
  • Griffith / Femto
  • Casca
  • Guts's CompanionsCharacter List 
  • Band of the HawkCharacter List 
  • Kingdom of MidlandCharacter List 
  • AntagonistsCharacter List 
    • Godhand and ApostlesCharacter List 
  • Other CharactersCharacter List 
  • Video GamesCharacter List 

Alternative Title(s): Berserk Main Characters, Berserk 1997, Berserk The Golden Age Arc, Berserk 2016, Berserk And The Band Of The Hawk, Berserk The Flame Dragon Knight