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Revenge Against Men

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A woman who is motivated to take revenge on men in general.

The heroine (or villainess) may have been raped or prostituted. She may have been beaten to a pulp or had her children taken away from her, or worse, killed. Her husband may be abusing her. She may be the unwitting mistress of a married man, and finds out he has been lying to her all along. Maybe she has just watched her friends go through all of this for years and had enough. Any way, she has been seriously crossed by men or just one man and the abuse has been so extreme and so vicious that the heroine wants more than just vengeance against her abusers: she's ready for all men to pay for what has been done to her.


And how is she going to do that? She can undergo an Adrenaline Makeover, take some self-defense classes, and destroy her abusers physically, maybe becoming a vigilante Wife-Basher Basher. She can set up a Humiliation Conga for them. She can turn herself into a Gold Digger and fleece rich guys dry. She can also become a Black Widow and kill them rather than live off them.

Expect her to proclaim herself a "bitch" and declare than no man will ever possess her or hurt her again.

But the point is, she will not stop with just one abuser: she will deliver payback to men as a class. There may be An Aesop later on about taking things too far, especially if she starts extending her revenge to male children and babies as well as adult men with disabilities, or she may feel satisfied with her revenge after a while - which is quite rare. Sometimes she'll eventually find that one guy who can "change her mind" and redeem men. Or she may just choose to become a lesbian or join a separatist community and never have to deal with men again.


Often found in Lifetime Movies and feminist-themed movies but otherwise uncommon. In mainstream media, it's usually associated with a Straw Feminist character, particularly a villainess.

May lead to Sisterhood Eliminates Creep. Contrast No Woman's Land.

No Real Life Examples, Please!


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    Comic Books 
  • Wonder Woman: Earth One: In this version of the canon, the Amazons were viciously attacked by Hercules and his followers who planned to turn all of them into their sex slaves and had to fight off and kill their attackers before closing off their society to men and the outside world as a whole. Diana was Hercules' own daughter by rape and was carried to term by Hippolyta in a plan to raise her as a weapon against all men in revenge, though Hippolyta ended up loving her child and did not carry out this plan.
  • Wonder Woman villain Zara, in her Golden Age incarnation, led a fire cult that sought to tear down men of power after being sold into slavery as a child by her own father.
  • Franco-Belgian comics ARIA is a quite blatant example with the titular character having been raped by her alcoholic and abusive caretaker, to which she reacted by castrating him with her sword and then going onto living her life as a female Knight Errant whose main goal is to remain man-free and to challenge and vanquish any power-wielding man she meets.

    Fan Works 
  • The Discworld of A.A. Pessimal follows the evolution of the Guild of Assassins after it is forced to go co-educational and take its first female staff and students. The first female graduates are careful to follow the Guild motto of nil mortifi sine lucre - no killing except for money. But they make a loose pact to accept only contracts where the client is loathesome, despicable, and so vile that his being removed from life can only clean the Discworld up a little. The loose group called The Marriage Guidance Counsellors will only take contracts on men who are abusive wife-beaters, rapists, child molestors or otherwise deficient as human beings. This is despite whatever the official reason for the contract is. Joan Sanderson-Reeves prides herself on having taken out, at the last count, twenty-eight such men. This is job satisfaction; the contract fees are the icing on the cake.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Brona/Lily in Penny Dreadful who even recruits a whole army of former prostitutes and abused women to further her aims.

  • Baise Moi - this film explores everyday life in the bleak banlieus on the outskirts of Paris, places where the poor and the underclass are deposited, a long way from the glitz and glamour normally associated with the French capital. One day, two friends are gang-raped; the film explores how they react to this and take vengeance.
  • This is the plot of the 1972 Lesbian Vampire film The Blood Spattered Bride, a loose adaptation of Carmilla. When young newlywed Susan is physically and emotionally abused by her husband, the ghost of Carmilla (who was similarly victimized when she was alive) comes to the rescue. The two women become lovers and begin a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the husband and his friends.

  • Attora in The Plains of Passage doesn't like her man, so she kills him and makes all the women-folk give up their men too.
  • Red Sonya from Robert E. Howard's story "The Shadow of the Vulture."
  • The main character in "Woman at Point Zero". She's been abused her whole life by her father, uncle, roommate, clients, and supervisors. At the end of the book, she kills a pimp who demands a share of her profits and declares herself to be Too Good for This Sinful Earth.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Among the most common Macho Women with Guns enemies are misogynist men begging to be riddled with bullets.
  • Both played straight and subverted in Werewolf: The Apocalypse with the Black Furies, an all-female werewolf tribe who claimed the women of the world as their protectorate. Their activities ranged from the positive (killing rapists, smuggling women out of oppressive nations) to the highly questionable (executing their tribe's own male children to maintain their single-gender status).

    Western Animation 
  • The Justice League episode "Fury." Aresia, a rogue Amazon, sets up a new version of the Injustice Gang with the goal of spreading a disease to wipe out all men.


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