Reviews: Frankenweenie

A Fantastic Build Up To.... Nothing (Spoiler alert)

My family just saw this movie today, and we all agreed that it had a great beginning with a good build up, but it fell flat in the middle. It starts with Victor Frankenstein, (the mad scientist from Mary Shelly's famous novel)a genius who makes movies with his dog Sparky. But then the dog gets ran over by a car. The death of the dog was handled well, especially for a kid's movie, and I admit I cried for a large part of the grieving scenes.

Then Victor's weird science teacher gives him an idea on how to bring Sparky back to life with lightning. At first it doesn't seem to work, but then Sparky's tail wags and he is living again! Other children find out about the dog coming back to life, and try to bring more pets to life as their science fair projects (this is where the movie started going downhill.) The results are... just what you've seen in the commercials.

What annoyed me most was that the plot split up into too many new plots, which didn't go anywhere and didn't serve a purpose to the main plot.

And this is a small thing, but what was up with that cat-poop joke? They showed numerous different cat feces in the flash backs.

The ending was good but predictable. Even my six-year-old brother knew Sparky was going to come back to life. Too obvious.