Reviews: Four Three Two One

Four girls, three sensible moments, two plots too many, one bad movie.

I can only assume Emma Roberts said yes to this crapfest so she'd get another chance to go to England (see also Wild Child); Noel Clarke's attempt to link up four stories over three days suffers from the fact that two of the plots have practically no real bearing on the main thrust (the diamond robbery) - but if they weren't included in full Tamsin Egerton wouldn't have been able to swan around New York and do an extensive underwear scene, and Shanika Warren-Markland wouldn't have had an opportunity to make out with her girlfriend in a scene that's less about female empowerment and more about turning on the guys in the audience.

Not only is it messily plotted and directed, but most of the acting - Emma excepted - is terrible, especially Miss Warren-Markland and Kevin Smith (one of several cameos in the Egerton section); Clarke's self-serving supporting role - he plays Roberts's boss, and she bigs up his sex appeal in one scene - is the kiss of death. I do thank the makers for getting her to do an underwear scene, but I don't thank them for the film that brought it about...