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YMMV: Tekken
  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Kazuya's relationship with Jun Kazama can be seen as a ray of cuteness, or something a bit more nefarious, depending on the interpretation of his tactics in seducing her.
      • Given Scenario Campaign in 6, it would appear that he holds a soft-spot for Jun, or at least views her neutrally, seeing as he describes her as fearless and mysterious.
    • Speaking of which, where does Jun fit in now that she's Unknown? Or Unknown for that matter?
    • Some fans believe Angel to be nothing more than a mask for Devil based on their Tekken 2 story, but it hasn't been confirmed.
    • What is Lee's exact position on the morality table? He's never been seen to make a formal Heel-Face Turn and his endings show him to be a bit of a jerk, but he is one of the most helpful characters in 6's storyline.
      • Most would peg him as a neutral entity. He's generally decent nowadays (with quite a few Pet the Dog moments in both 6 and Blood Vengeance) and really only has it in for the Mishimas (adoptive half-brother Lars notwithstanding).
    • Kazuya and Heihachi are... still not clear on who's worse. On one hand, Heihachi can have some Pet the Dog moments (especially where Kuma is involved), but in the end, he's still a greedy bastard who's more cunning in manipulating things to be steered to his likings, and still responsible for everything in this mess. Kazuya bounces back between merely a victim of what Heihachi was planning, thus making him so messed up, but then his atrocities from Tekken 2 on are far more open and shown to be worse than what Heihachi did: either he's just that bad, or he's just more proud to admit the crimes rather than hiding behind a facade.
  • Awesome Ego: Heihachi Mishima.
  • Awesome Music: Check the list here.
  • Base Breaker:
    • Bryan. In a bit of a subversion, people have no qualms with the character. It's simply a matter of which characterization of him you like: the more reserved Badass that debuted in 3 or the raging, power-hungry One-Man Army that emerged in 5 (4 was a bit of intermediate stage).
    • Ogre gets similar scorn, but not because of his character (or lack thereof). He's seen as The Scrappy mainly because his inclusion forced the removal of Jun from the roster, something that has yet to be rectified three games later. Only time will tell if his inclusion in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 alongside Jun will rectify this.
    • This seems to be the case amongst the Tekken community for Lars and Alisa, but the "hate" part is much more outspoken (especially for the latter).
    • The announcement of Tekken 7 instead of Tekken X Street Fighter at Evo2014 seems to be this. While most are happy with a new Tekken game, those who were looking forward to seeing how Harada and the Tekken team would handle Street Fighter characters in a 3D game are quite disappointed.
    • Kazumi is becoming this due to the retcons of Kazuya's origin story that she represents as well as dragging out the devil gene plot for another game which some fans see as played out.
    • The bound mechanic that allows players to bounce their opponents off the ground to continue their juggles. Both its inclusion in 6 and Tag 2 and its later toning down to the point of it nearly being gone in Tekken 7.
  • Common Knowledge: Toshiyuki Morikawa is often cited as a member of the Tekken cast, usually as Kazuya. This is a mistake, as Kazuya was voiced by Joji Nakata from the first game to the first Tag Tournament, then Masanori Shinohara from 4 and so on. Not to say that Morikawa didn't do a thing, he did... Hwoarang's battle grunts before a Korean voice actor took over.
  • Complete Monster: Kazuya in the Live-Action Adaptation. He is devoid of his sympathetic qualities, making him The Starscream to Heihachi just For the Evulz, he has no Devil Gene, and he raped Jun, which later led to Jin's birth.
  • Crack Pairing:
    • Julia with King II, due to the maybe 14 seconds of dialogue they shared in T5, although that dialogue had a very Kilik/Xianghua feel to it. She's the new luchador "Jaycee" in TTT2 (note the pendant) only she's adopted a more wrestling-based style as well.
    • For some reason, Christie/Steve was big around the time of 4. It's still a common ship in fanfiction.
    • Similarly, Lili/Dragunov and Miguel/Zafina seems to pop up frequently in fanfics, for no reason other than first appearing in the same games.
    • Ever since the second trailer for Tekken 6, Hwoarang/Lili has gained some popularity simply because the two were depicted as tag-teaming against Jin. That and (in terms of Foe Yay), Lili is to Asuka as Hwo is to Jin. Let it be said that, canonically speaking, Scenario Campaign shows that Hwoarang has a low opinion of Lili.
    • In universe we can get this thanks to what the characters think of each other in the Tag games. Kazuya hating pretty much everyone and Jun liking the animals is natural enough, but Asuka and Leo, Bob or Miguel? Paul and Bryan Fury? Ganryu and Devil Jin? Crack Pairing being the operative word.
    • As far as deviantART is concerned, pairing Zafina with either Miguel or Dragunov is fair game.
  • Crazy Awesome:
  • Designated Hero:
    • Heihachi was, more or less, the central character in Tekken 2 alongside Jun.
    • Lars in 6, since Jin is, by all appearances, the Big Bad. Zig-zagged by the end of Scenario Campaign.
      • Lars really only fits the trope in the literal sense of "role of protagonist defaults to x character", since he's actually one of the most heroic characters not only in the game, but in the entire series, taking up the fight against Jin for selfless, noble reasons, even after he's temporarily saddled with amnesia. Jin does have his reasons for his actions in T6, but let's not undermine Lars here.
  • Draco in Leather Pants:
  • Dueling Games:
    • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is one against Dead or Alive 5.
    • Tekken Revolution may become one against Killer Instinct (2013), both being free to play games for the PS3 and Xbox One respectively.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • The reason for Kazuya's return in 4. Also Nina, so much that she spawned her own Spin-Off game. It's also the reason of why both of them were the first Tekken fighters revealed in Street Fighter X Tekken.
    • Yoshimitsu as well. He's one of the four characters to be present in every game (the others being Heihachi, Paul, and Nina) and his eccentricity has earned him a very devoted fanbase, to the point that his ancestor was ported over to Soulcalibur (make that two as of SCV) to tell us that, yes, these two series share common ground. Like Kaz and Nina, Yoshi is also present in SFxT.
    • Given the ruckus fans have been making since their disappearance post-Tekken 2 (Tag doesn't count), one can assume that Jun Kazama and Kunimitsu have this going for them as well.
    • Lili is really popular for someone not involved in the whole Devil Gene business. She even appears as the sole Tekken representative in Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos and also pops up in SFxT.
      • She was also among the first characters revealed for Tekken 6, seen alongside Jin and Hwoarang in the E3 2006 trailer. And Tag 2 is giving her a spectacular, exclusive costume for her.
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • There has been some fan speculation that Angel came into existence because of Jun's presence.
    • Heihachi's tenure as a Guest Fighter in the PS2 version of Soulcalibur II (most notably, Heihachi accidentally cutting his hand with a fragment of Soul Edge) has a few fans wondering about a possible connection between Soul Edge and the Mishima bloodline. However, it should be noted that his participation in the series is non-canon.
    • Quite a few people are convinced that Ogre is holding Jun's severed head in the arcade intro to 3. Alternatively, this could be how Jin interpreted the events, seeing as he was knocked unconscious by Ogre.
    • The true extent of Ogre's connection to Devil/the Devil Gene is ripe for these. Heihachi sought the Devil Gene in 4 so that he combine his genetic material with Ogre's to gain immortality or create a new lifeform. In Devil Within, True Ogre's presence causes the Devil inside Jin to flare out of control. In Dark Resurrection, Dragunov's ending has him revive an inanimate figure resembling True Ogre using Devil Jin's power/lifeforce.
  • Fanon: Lots.
    • Fans believe Wang to be Xiaoyu's grandfather due to Xiaoyu addressing him as such. In this case, Xiao was calling him "Grandpa" in the same way that a person would say "Gramps" to a random elder. They are distant relatives and Wang trained her at one time, but Wang is not her grandfather.
    • For a long while, most fansites had the story of Bruce being Lei Wulong's police partner, who lost his memory on the plane crash and was manipulated by Kazuya into becoming his bodyguard. This seems to be a confusion from his canon story, where Lei's actual nameless partner was with Bruce in the plane.
    • Most of Roger and Alex's story in Tekken 2, probably due to them having little to none back then. This includes being trained by Armor King and being saved/sent to a safe wild area by Jun.
    • Jun's role as Kazuya's Morality Pet in The Motion Picture is sometimes used to depict their relationship for the series proper. Then again, Kazuya's statements of her in Tekken 6 (see Alternate Character Interpretation) seem to enforce this case.
    • Christie's grandfather is not named Ho Chi Myong; the name was created by a Fan Fic writer.
    • Based on what we've seen of Angel in T2, Tag, and Tag 2, she is likely not just a mask for Devil. Fans interpret Angel's T2 profile in a way that defies her ending movies. While those endings are not in main continuity (but ARE canon), they still reflect the character herself (Paul's endings wouldn't show him as a famous mathematician or a professional equestrian, why would Angel's be so contrary to her identity as Devil's mask if that were true?).
      • Additionally, there's been misinterpretation of Angel's battle with Devil over Kazuya's soul. As stated by Harada himself, Angel is actually not a part of Kazuya's soul (specifically, the little remaining good); she's simply a supernatural entity vying with Devil over Kazuya's fate.
  • Fight Scene Failure:
    • Averted in the movie: the fight scenes are very well choreographed, even with nearly every character's fighting style being incorrect and several of the actors being people who hadn't done such scenes before.
    • Averted with Gary Daniels as Bryan Fury, who's a real-life kickboxer, and what Bryan practices is kickboxing, so it makes sense Bryan would be portrayed by a real-life kickboxer.
  • Foe Yay Shipping: You'd be surprised at how many people latch onto Yoshi/Kuni, Jin/Hwo, Asuka/Lili, etc.
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • Kazuya being more open in evilness during the time he's the head of Mishima Zaibatsu can have more meaning than just plain "He's probably eviler than Heihachi"; if you recount that Kazuya probably hates everything about Heihachi, so he probably held a disdain in Heihachi's practices about being a Miser, looking good in public while scheming behind their backs, so he decided to just be more open in the evilness of the Zaibatsu, at least he's being honest that he's an evil prick and the Zaibatsu is an evil corporation, not a generous one. Not that it lessens his evil value, but it does shed an deeper motive for being openly evil.
    • In Tag 2 Jun is cold with just about everyone, but one notable exception is Nina. They might fist bump, which is more than what everyone bar her son gets with Jun. But Nina is Jin's bodyguard (and also one of the few partners that he likes), meaning she and Jun can find some common ground. For bonus points Jun's new win pose is similar to Nina's. Are we sure she's not evil?
    • Yoshimitsu's sword, according to 6, is possessed by a spirit that craves the blood of evildoers. His sworn enemy is Bryan — a cyborg. As shown in the former's TTT2 ending, Bryan doesn't bleed when cut through by Yoshi — he explodes instead. In other words, even if Yoshimitsu were to defeat Bryan, his sword's bloodlust will not be satisfied and will still attempt to eventually possess him. No wonder Yoshimitsu is very, very pissed off at Bryan.
  • Fridge Horror: There's no indication of Jin's conception being a consensual matter between Jun and Kazuya. And since Jun has been unaccounted for in-canon since 2, we have yet to find out what really happened.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Heihachi Mishima... is dead.
  • Game Breaker:
    • Paul's Phoenix Smasher. It's incredibly easy to pull off, has very little vulnerability, and does an obscene amount if you hit someone on counter; in 2 it was the second most powerful non-unblockable after the Kazuya's Lightning Uppercut/Lightning Screw Uppercut, and in 3 the computer hardly ever blocks it. Even without the counter, from 3 onwards it causes the opponent to roll (Bryan's Spinning Roundhouse did the same), setting them up for a running attack follow-up.
    • Bryan's Mach Breaker in 3; decent power, really fast and sets up several options quite nicely. Tends to get blocked more in later games.
    • Ogre's Waning Moon in 3 was considered too good. It's still a pretty good move in later incarnations but not to the same level as in that game.
    • Similarly, Roger and Alex's wind-up punch. Had a charging time, but it was fast enough to murder a knocked-down player. Was nerfed with Roger Jr., where it needed a complex analog roll. And now the inputs have been simplified again for TTT2, but the damage itself was nerfed, as with most other unblockables.
    • Bob's Cracker Jacker move in 6. It's fast, has decent damage, has a large hitbox, and is hardly ever blocked by the CPU, even in Ultra Hard mode.
    • Heihachi's incarnation in 5. As you can see, his jab combos can punish you like there's no tomorrow and his juggles are dangerous. Summed up by this comment:
    "[The] thing I love about Heihachi is that all of his moves are soo overpowered and seem really cheap. Well, I guess if I was 70-years-old, I'd need cheap moves too. lol"
    • Jin in 4. His Laser Scraper combo (if properly-timed) and a recovery time that was faster in most situations than most of the cast gave him viable tools to constantly apply pressure to his opponents. The end result? You're looking at the sole occupant of top tier in high-level Tournament Play. Jin endured quite a bit of Tier-Induced Scrappy disdain during this time.
    • Devil Jin is just as bad, as according to Character Tiers, he's the only A+ tier character in 5 (true to form, his dad and grandpa are no. 2 and no. 3).
    • Steve Fox in the original PS2 version of 5 had an absurdly high priority on his jabstrings. And if that wasn't enough, he is the only character to have a legit infinite in any Tekken ever, making him the true Game Breaker.
      • In fact, he was considered a main reason for the Dark Resurrection update to 5.
    • In 3, Guest Fighter Gon is this due to his really small size. To a certain extent, Dr. Bosconovitch is this as well for almost the same reasons; he can only fight either from a crouching position or from lying on the ground; he can't stand upright for more than a second.
    • The juggle/tag mechanic in the Tag games can become this with the right characters. Stubborn opponents suddenly become much easier if hit with a launcher and then tag rushed. See Jun below.
    • A good strategy for Jun/Asuka/Unknown is to open up with the leg sweeps then the cartwheel kicks, both of them. An uppercut for juggle damage later takes care of most of her opponent's health. Their expanded tricky moves in the Tag games makes them even more so. They also has several easy to pull off launchers that make juggling/tag moves a breeze.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: According to an article in a Swedish gaming magazine, Namco introduced Lars Alexandersson for this very reason, since the Tekken series is very popular in Sweden.note  They also contacted the Swedish Embassy to make sure they got a realistic-sounding Swedish name.
    • The Philippines is also known for their love of Tekken. Namco Bandai rewarded their Filipino fanbase with a stage based off the country in Tekken Tag 2, with Product Placement of several notable Filipino arcade chains.
    • According to Harada, nearly half of the franchise's sales (about 20+ million copies out of an approximated 42.5 million currently) come from Europe. Which probably explains why Tag 2 now features all European language-speaking characters voiced in their native tongues (French — Lili/Sebastian, Spanish — Miguel, Portuguese — Eddy/Christie, Russian — Dr. Bosconovitch, German — Leo).
  • Goddamned Bats: Enemies with machine guns in Scenario Campaign. They're not particularly lethal by themselves, but they can hit you from a long range, and their bullets leave you vulnerable for a while. They'll also often shoot at you repeatedly and/or gang up on you, making them an annoyance at best, and Demonic Spiders at worst, since their hits leave you wide open for more dangerous enemies' attacks.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Hearing Raven say "Heihachi Mishima is dead" is sad since Daisuke Gōri (who voiced Heihachi at the time Raven said that quote) is dead now.
  • Heartwarming Moments: King I's ending in 2. Having lost the tournament, a depressed King watches some children celebrate Christmas as he leaves gifts for the orphans. As he turns away, the children swarm him and King smiles.
  • I Knew It: What many fans said after the reveal during the Final Boss battle in TTT2. Jun Kazama is indeed Unknown. It's unclear whether it's this or Ascended Fanon, as the artbook included with 6 notes that Unknown was originally meant to be another character entirely, namely Jun's sister; this was hinted at with discrepancies between Jun and Tag!Unknown, such as height differences (Unknown was two inches shorter than Jun).
  • It Was His Sled: Pretty much everyone quickly figured out Jaycee was Julia underneath the mask.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Jin has been literally coupled with ALL the characters in the series, might that character be male or female, and even including his family members.
    • Lili is the female equivalent: she's often paired up with her Friendly Rival Asuka (all the Les Yay interactions between the two in the Tekken franchise don't help), but also with Jin, Hwoarang, Steve, Leo, and even Dragunov.
  • Les Yay:
    • Play as Zafina on Lili's stage in Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign, and you'll see what we mean. (Mostly for Zafina, but also a bit for Lili. She found the idea "appealing", after all.)
    • If you've read the Ultra Jump Egg manga, Lili really pushes it with Asuka, including landing on her face crotch-first, trying to sleep in her bed, and grabbing her breasts, all the while insisting it's for her rivalry. Yeeaaaah.
      • Looking over that Ultra Jump Egg manga, Lili and Asuka fall into this big time. Let's add in Lili calling Asuka her soulmate and two bathing with each other. That or their Tekken 6 endings alone. Sure, they may be fighting, but both have shown that they not only both enjoy fighting, even Lili's butler comments that this is her making friends.
      • Further evidence for Lili in her Tag 2 ending. Sebastian voices doubts that the plan is such a brilliant way to signify her affections for Asuka.
      • Street Fighter X Tekken has the pair of them team up to go to Antarctica. Note that someone with Lili's resources could have probably gotten anyone other than Asuka to accompany her. Instead she chooses to go with Asuka.
      • For what it is worth to shippers, it is possible to dress Asuka and Lili up in something resembling a groom and bride, thanks to customization in Tag 2.
    • In Blood Vengeance, we have Xiaoyu and Alisa as well. Xiaoyu, wearing only a Modesty Towel, hugs Alisa and sleeps on Alisa's lap.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Wang's death in Tekken 6. Deliberately lampshaded in Tekken Tag 2. "Those wussy game developers..."
  • Love It or Hate It: Tekken Revolution. It's a free-to-play, Solo Mode-only version of Tag 2 with customizable character stats and modified gameplay. Some like it because they believe the gameplay feels more like Dark Resurrection (which is still generally considered the best Tekken game in many players' eyes), and they like the arcade-esque feeling it gives off where when you win, you get to keep playing. Others hate it because they either don't like the free-to-play model, the customizable stats, or the Special Arts with invincibility frames.
  • Memetic Molester: Feng's Tag 2 ending is quickly giving him a... reputation. Poor Asuka...
  • Memetic Mutation: "Black Winter Night Sky" (the opening theme of Tekken 2) seems to have become a minor one, It's being used for everything from Sailor Moon to Dead Space.
  • Memetic Sex God: Asuka Kazama in 5, Lars Alexandersson in 6.
    • Lee Chaolan all around.
    • Heihachi too. Some even call him "Pimpachi."
    • Lili as well, due to all the Les Yay she produces.
  • Moe: Xiaoyu and Alisa.
  • Mondegreen: In 3, the audio for Jin's (Left) Spinning High Kick (forward + left kick; that's f+3 for those of you fluent in Tekken lingo) sounds like "Guess who!"
    • In the Tekken 5 PS2 intro:
    "Destiny, oh Daddy?" (Destiny, or deadly?)
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Bryan's slaughter of the Manji clan after they had JUST saved his life.
    • Kazuya offing his grandfather Jinpachi, perhaps the only person whom he had a good, loving relationship with, in his ending in 5, thus cruelly subverting what was meant to be a Pet the Dog moment...
      • Then it's double-subverted as the ending didn't become canon (Jin is the one who defeated and killed Jinpachi), Kazuya dropped out of the tournament and probably still held his memories and love for Jinpachi (and proven in Tag 2, he's the only one who has a good tag relations with him)... but then probably crossed another one: his wholesale slaughter of the G Corporation that revived him, in order to take over the corporation and stand a chance against Jin's Zaibatsu.
      • A bit subverted, but probably not enough to get him off the horizon, because the reason Kazuya had that wholesale slaughter because he got information that G Corporation was planning to stab him on the back, thus sending out the Jacks to kill him and Heihachi in Hon-Maru in the beginning of 5 (that was the reason he dropped out in the first place: exacting revenge), the takeover to make the company a rival of Jin's Zaibatsu is just a bonus. Still sounded a lot like a Disproportionate Retribution, though, since it's possible that Kazuya either got the wrong information then got overly paranoid.
    • Heihachi's treachery starts earlier than the series (mostly with tossing Kazuya over the cliff) but if he were to have one, using his grandson (who completely trusted him back then) to attract Ogre to the third tournament and then shooting him in the head with nary a second thought once he got what he wanted is probably his darkest hour.
    • Jin's Batman Gambit involves literally crossing this like a thousand times.
  • Narm: The entire English Tekken 7 trailer as a result of the huge amount of Dull Surprise provided by the voice actress.
    • From the OVA "Why are you so upset!? Is it because your father threw you off that cliff?"
  • Nightmare Fuel: Alisa. Sure, she's cute, but when you realize that parts of her moveset is her having her head gets detached (and sometimes exploding) and she's taking it like nothing happened... she might've been a robotic female dullahan (an unseelie faerie who carries his detached head around and acts as Death's messenger).
    • Losing to True Ogre in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is... disturbing to say the least. Probably the most disturbing Continue screen in fighting game history. The camera may not show it but it is still pretty obvious what he's doing.
    • Unknown has a similar one, but... you be the judge.
    • Ancient Ogre's ending in Tekken Tag 2. Includes creepy music, art style dissonance, and Ogre calling his buddies and ending the world as we know it not unlike Evangelion's Angels.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: From the 2010 film, a news report mentions that Marshall Law qualified for the Iron Fist Open Call by beating Paul Phoenix. In 28 seconds.
    • Jun fighting off Devil while pregnant with Jin.
  • Older Than They Think: A number of fans believe that "Fiji -Paradiso Mix-", the theme of Eternal Paradise in TTT2, is purely a remix of Roger/Alex's theme in Tekken 2. While this is technically true, the theme originated with the Fiji stage from the first game, as indicated by the song's title. The confusion is probably due to the fact that the Tekken 1 theme was re-arranged for its sequel, which more closely resembles the TTT2 remix.
  • Periphery Demographic: Despite being aimed at teenagers and young adults, Tekken has also become popular with children aged 6 to 12, in large part due to the anthropomorphic animals you can fight as.
  • Polished Port: The home console versions are almost always even better than the arcade originals with their added modes, features, and in some cases (like Tekken 3) characters. Special mention also goes to the Wii U port of Tag Tournament 2, which boasts all the features of the PS3 and 360 versions plus Nintendo-exclusive content like GamePad support (allowing for off-TV play), crossover costumes, Mushroom Battle, and Tekken Ball.
  • Replacement Scrappy
  • Robo Ship: Lars/Alisa. Guess who's the robo... It doesn't help that Lars gets pretty emotional about Alisa towards the end of Scenario Campaign.
  • Saved by the Fans: Kazuya.
    • And as far as the hype surrounding Tag 2 goes, Jun Kazama a.k.a. Unknown.
    • Similarly, Kunimitsu. Fan speculation following 3 and Tag had come to the consensus that she was killed by either Ogre or Yoshimitsu (the latter of whom would go on to assimilate most of her moves), an idea that wasn't helped when she was one of the few T2 characters to not return for Tekken 5. Following Jun's lead, fan demand helped bring her back for the console version of TTT2, where, for the sake of at least that game's continuity, she's merely in hiding. Just as Kazuya made it back to the main series with 4 because of the original Tag, several fans feel that Tag 2 has provided back doors to allow Jun and Kuni to be integrated into the next canonical title if the devs so choose.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The juggling system gets a lot of heat from certain players as is, but the inclusion of Bounds starting in 6 hasn't helped in the slightest. God help you if you're cornered, up against a wall. Of course, the trick lies in actually reading your opponent and thus being able to block the openers for said juggles, but one mistake against a skilled enough player and you're dead meat (there's a reason they're called "touch of death" combos, after all).
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: An early 3D fighting game with a focus on more realistic martial arts starring a stoic spikey-haired young Japanese martial artist, a determined Chinese Action Girl with braids, a boisterous blonde American with a ridiculous hairstyle, a cocky blonde Kick Chick, a masked ninja from a Hidden Elf Village, an animal-themed professional wrestler, a Chinese Chef of Iron Kung-Fu master and a huge loudmouth brute. Are we talking about Virtua Fighter (1993) or the original Tekken (1994) here? It's worth noting that both games had the same lead designer: Seiichi Ishii. For reference, the characters being described above fit either: Akira or Kazuya, Pai or Michelle, Jacky or Paul, Sarah or Nina, Kage-Maru or Yoshimitsu, Wolf or King, Lau or Law, Jeffry or Jack.
    • Basic descriptions aside, these characters are still quite different from each other when it comes to either personality, morality, appearance or fighting style. The most similar characters are Nina and Sarah.
  • She's Just Hiding: There is a surprisingly large contingent of fans waiting for the reappearance of Kunimitsu from Tekken 2, even despite the fact that her original moves and later costume have been subsumed into Yoshimitsu's repertoire. According to Tag 2, she was merely excommunicated from the Manji Clan and scurried off to whereabouts unknown thereafter.
    • This is also the general presumption for Jun Kazama after her run-in with Ogre prior to 3. The official verdict is that she's "missing"/"in hiding."
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: Tekken Bowl in the PS2 version of Tekken Tag Tournament. Anyone who tells you they didn't waste hours playing it is a liar. The persistent rumour of unlocking Dr. Bosconovitch through it didn't help matters. So popular, it even appeared as a free iOS app to celebrate the premiere of Blood Vengeance. Tekken Ball in Tekken 3 also counts, if only because it was the easiest way to unlock Gon.
  • Smurfette Breakout: Nina Williams, the only woman to have appeared in every Tekken game, received her own spin-off game titled Death By Degrees based off her assassin background.
  • Starboarding: Ganryu —> Michelle/Julia. All the while, Namco sure seems to be toying with the insinuation that Lili might have a passing fancy for—wait for it—Ganryu (see: their Rival battle in 5:BR and, more recently, their special win pose in TTT2).
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Lei's theme in T3 (moreso the OST than the AST) sounds like a cover of "Steam" by Boy Band East 17, a song that preceded T3 by about two years. In turn, "Wipe Out", the theme of the Osaka Stage in Capcom vs. SNK 2 is very similar to Lei's theme.
  • That One Boss:
    • Alisa. The first time you fight her is arguably one of the hardest parts of the campaign mode in 6. Not only does she have long range attacks, the ability to recover health, and a nigh inescapable grapple (you'd think your character would eventually learn not to accept her head when she hands it to him), but she can also break any combo on a low blow by initiating her chainsaw-hand transformation. Make sure you save your chickens.
      • Then there's the battle with her in Hard Mode. Have fun with her brand-new frost brand!
      • To make things worse, you fight her after Nina and Jin, with no chance to save!
    • Jin as the Final Boss of Scenario Campaign. He is very powerful, often comboes you, has a damaging laser with a large area of effect that can only be dodged by crouching, and he's fast as shit. Unless you get lucky, the only way you're gonna be able to run away from him to get chickens is to leave Raven to keep him busy, but even that may fail as Jin may take a while before targeting Raven, and Raven isn't even likely to have good equipment unless you went out of your way to farm it, considering he joined only a mission ago. To amp up the difficulty, he's also accompanied by soldiers, some of whom have machine guns. They'll drop health for you to pick up, but while you're busy attacking them, Jin will likely attack you as well.
    • Jinpachi in 5. Just look at the SNK Boss excerpt under his entry.
    • Azazel, with (among others) his insane crystal-based moves, rolling attack, and randomized ability to No Sell attacks by turning off his hitstun and having auto-block properties (even while attacking) on most of the time. While his large stature (the largest boss in Tekken history to date) can be seen as a double-edged sword, it usually serves to help him due to the aforementioned items. Rarely can the player capitalize on the disadvantage Azazel's size should present.
    • In Devil Within, Ogre (or to be specific, his One Winged Angels True Ogre and Monstrous Ogre) serves as this.
    • With her hyper-sensitive attack reversals and ability to use the stage against you (plus that one move where she can force-tag your primary character and make all but one point of their health recoverable), Unknown in Tag 2 is certainly an arduous battle. Even before transforming she still has some really good reflexes. In fact, Jun in some ways is even worse, as she plays more defensively.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Because of button mashing, a lot of people loathe fighting Eddy online despite the fact that he has been balanced out since 5. Christie, being a female Eddy, gets some of the same flak.
    • Also due to button mashing, Lili has largely replaced the Capoeira fighters as the go-to character for button mashers since her debut in 5 DR. It doesn't help that she's also considered a high-tier character.
    • Tekken 6 at Evolution 2011 showcased the sheer stupidity that was the Top 8 finals. Why was it stupid? Practically the entirety of the fights consisted of mirror matches between the best character in the game. And that character was Bob. His hitbox is large, but due to his mobility and insane speed it becomes extremely difficult to hit him. Add in his extremely high damage output and excellent juggling and wall combo ability, and you now know why "God Tier" in Tekken 6 was called "Bob Tier."
    • Kazuya, Heihachi, Devil Jin (a.k.a. Tekken 3 and Tag Jin) in general end up on the top tier lists with surprising regularity. Accusations that they are Purposely Overpowered just because they are the focal characters in the storyline are often levied at the devs. Lars also gets this from being a part of the Mishima bloodline, while being at or near the top of 6 BR and Tag 2 tier lists.
    • Tekken Revolution has Marshall Law. It would be a rarity to go online and see any other character besides him used more constantly. His Super Arts are easily spammable, very easy to bait people into, and are overall some of the best in the entire game. Now add in customizable stats (including attack power) and you've got possibly the most broken version of Law in the entire franchise.
  • Uncanny Valley: That damn smile Kazuya does in his Tekken 1 ending.
    • What about the intro for Tekken 2? Looks like Heihachi is gonna swallow you up!
    • Long story short, the first two games and their primitive-by-modern-standards graphics tended to make many of the characters look (for lack of a better word) odd. This goes double for ending FMVs.
    • Alisa, her Detachment Combat moveset, and her Dissonant Serenity.
  • Unfortunate Implications: In Tekken 5's story mode, Craig has an interlude where he flirts with Anna, who coldly rebuffs him. When he wins, Marduk carries her on his back, and says, "I ALWAYS get what I want!" It really gives off the impression that he's going to rape her.
    • A similar scene plays out in Feng's Tag 2 ending between him and Asuka note . It's about as close to on-screen rape as the series gets, and many fans treat it as such.
    • The Continue screen when losing to Unknown in Tekken Tag 2 has these in spades. Your character is defeated, exhausted, and laying in a pool of goo-water that Unknown is in total control of. You're not going anywhere. As the clock counts down, Unknown slowly slinks into view, and the goo that passes as her outfit seems to be melting away as though it's being taken off. All the while Unknown's gold eyes are locked on you like your character is a very appetizing piece of meat and the music playing is nothing if not suggestive... This gets a nice added layer of Squick if you happen to be playing as Jin Kazama, never mind if you're playing as True Ogre, Roger Jr. (and his mom), Alex, Kuma, Panda, Jack 6, Prototype Jack, Wang, Dr. Bosconovitch, or Jinpachi.
    • In the OVA, Lei Wulong's comments about weak women is kinda proven right when all women in the anime are beaten up so easily.
  • Video Game Movies Suck: The 1997 OVA was decent, if narmy and not on the level of Street Fighter's anime. The live-action film is praised for its fight scenes but lacking in other areas.
    • A fan made film looks to be considerably more faithful than the Hollywood production.
    • There has been talk of a CG film since the game was first released.
    • Ten years ago, the Australian PlayStation magazine proposed a Tekken movie... Ray Park as Ogre, Patrick Stewart as Heihachi, Bill Goldberg as King.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: In the first Tekken, Kunimitsu was nearly identical to Yoshimitsu in terms of looks and the two even shared the same voice.
    • Kunimitsu's Japanese profile in Tekken actually uses He when speaking of her (him?).
    • Leo. To the point that there's a split on whether Leo is a boy with a high-pitched voice, or just a tomboy. It didn't help that the Japanese used gender-neutral pronouns (or just the character's name) when referring to Leo. (What most don't know when regarding Leo is that s/he is 19 years old, and thus an adult. The term "boy" wouldn't really apply in most countries; this is a "man" if Leo is male. Anyway, technicalities.) It was finally revealed by Harada himself that Leo is, in fact, female.
  • Win Back the Crowd: 5 seems to have some element of this, following the poor reception of 4. Designing the stages closer to older Tekken games (infinite stages return and walled stages are much simpler in design), making the gameplay closer to 3, and bringing back a good number of characters missing (canonically) since Tekken 2 (quite a few of them presumed to be dead, due to the existence of Ogre).
  • The Woobie:
    • Poor, poor Jin... He also plays triple duty as a Stoic Woobie and a Iron Woobie. He eventually gives in and succumbs to becoming a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.
    • Steve: a lesser example (or perhaps not, in light of what Tag 2 sheds on his "birth" and childhood), but the dude's got it rough.
    • Dr. Bosconovitch. This guy seems to never have a good ending, or not least, not for long. He's kidnapped by Kazuya, his daughter dies (but appears to have be reanimated to some degree in the form of Alisa) and he's afflicted by a mysterious disease (thus requiring Ogre's blood), and Bryan severely injures him after Yoshimitsu saves Bryan's life and Dr. B. offers to repair Bryan.
    • Anna is something of a Jerkass Woobie. A very tragic backstory involving her family, but she can be quite the bitch. However, there are hints that Anna is a bit softer than she lets on. That she's the frequent target of her sister's abuse may make her more sympathetic (and even when she turns the tables on Nina, her actions are never anywhere near as harsh as her sister's).
    • Christie Monteiro's life just seems to never get right after her debut. Her grandfather fell so sick in 5, her efforts to save him by winning the tournament go down the drain as she lost. What awaits her is that her grandfather's missing, Eddy's missing and later revealed to be doing the dirty work of the Mishima Zaibatsu, and in the end... her grandfather died in vain, even if Eddy came back and quit the Zaibatsu, it's too late. She probably wouldn't be able to keep that smile for long... The small movies featured in Street Fighter X Tekken ups the ante by having her see Eddy getting gunned down in front of her, driving her over the edge and activating Pandora, though thankfully for a short time only.

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