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02:31:28 AM Jul 16th 2017
My god, are there people complaining about a bonus character included in a pre-order????? Oh white people problems...
01:05:41 PM May 12th 2012
  • Complete Monster: Bryan Fury and Kazuya Mishima post Tekken 4.
    • Don't forget Heihachi. As much of a badass as the man is, there's no denying that he's also an utterly evil and irredeemable bastard. It's quite hard to list all the shit that he's done, but pretty much everything he's done to Kazuya takes the cake.
      • Yep. Since Kazuya made the deal with Devil to survive after Heihachi threw him off a cliff, Heihachi is pretty much indirectly responsible for everything bad that happens in the series. Don't forget shooting 19-year-old Jin in the head in cold blood after using him to get to Ogre. Or overthrowing his kindly father Jinpachi and turning his company corrupt. He likes Kuma though.

Brian Fury and Kazuya are examples to Zero-Context Example and Heihachi's example implies he not follows the "no altruistic qualities" requisite("he likes Kuma" ?).
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