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Headscratchers: Tekken
  • I've always been confused/curious of how Jin Kazama was conceived.
    • Jin was obviously conceived out of wedlock. Supposedly Jun had some sort of "soft spot" for Kazuya at some point, but there is never anything that suggests that the feeling was mutual or that the two were even in love. Kazuya clearly had his own issues going on and (from what I understand) didn't take part in his son's upbringing which is one of the reasons why Jin uses his mother's last name. So I guess my question is. . .was the conception of Jin consensual? Did Kazuya actually have affection for Jun at some point but left because he knew about his cursed bloodline and didn't want to involve her? Or did he, as they say, "have his way then go on his way"?
  • Why is a guy as strong as Paul Phoenix treated as a complete joke?
    • The reason is that in the first Tekken game, he was created by the game designers to appeal to Americans, and to compete with Street Fighter II (he is sort of an Expy for Ken with different hair and a beard). When it became clear that this wasn't going to be that type of series, he became a comic relief character who only enters the tournaments because he likes to fight - a mirror for his popularity amongst players.
      • I just take small comfort in the fact that he canonically beat Heihachi in 3.
      • Uh, wasn't it Ogre that he beat? The fact is, Jin beats True Ogre... So I thought Jin beats Heihachi, loses to Paul, and then Paul proceeds to beat Ogre, but left before it transformed, leaving Jin to take care of it.
      • Ah, my mistake. I thought Paul beat Heihachi, but didn't stick around long enough for Ogre to show up.
      • But then, by the time of Tekken 5 at least, everyone is fair game for parody, Mishimas included.
    • I would expect that his use of "Judo-based martial arts" contributes...
    • I think Paul is meant to be the human embodiment of the saying old martial arts masters always say in fictions: strength alone is not enough. Paul is indeed a very strong and skilled fighter, but he only focuses on winning and proving that he's the strongest man in the world, therefore he only wants to show his power and forgets to use any strategy, causing him to lose or to waste his energy.
    • Are you kidding? LOOK AT HIS HAIR.
    • Oddly enough in the manga adaptation for Tekken 6, Paul is treated like a living legend in the Tekken Tournament, his impressive record for the 3rd tournament is public knowledge and he has legions of fans to prove this; also his buddy Marshall who gets the same joke/not-important character treatment in the games, followed suit in the manga as being another widely known and respected fighter.
    • Paul doesn't have supernatural powers. I think of him as the Tekken equivalent of Krillin or Yamcha. He may be hard as, but the playing field isn't a level one, and he suffers for it.
  • Is it just me or is Namco determined to make Yoshimitsu look Darker and Edgier with each sequel? In the first game, he was just a silly-looking roboninja thing. Then Tekken 2 came along and he was given evil red eyes and vampire teeth, as well as a darker colour scheme. Tekken 3, he's a scary alien cyborg. Then he has a friggin SKULL FACE complete with Glowing Eyes of Doom, then there's that sudden voice change, and now...oh hell. Thank god for customization.
    • Alternatively, This Troper thinks his appearances in the Soul Calibur/Soulcalibur games are fairly silly.
    • It's a matter of personal opinion. Realistically speaking, Yoshi's designs have been hit-and-miss throughout both series.
  • Leo's gender. Period.
    • It's a guy. See edition on character sheet for how it's known.
      • The issue is still open. Supposedly Leo could very well be female.
      • Harada has since said that Leo is female.
      • 100% female, as TTT2 proves.
  • What the heck is the "Fallen Colony" in 6?
    • AWESOME.
    • Canonically, there's colonies floating in Earth's orbit. "Fallen Colony" is one that's plummeting to the ground (or suspended in mid-air).
  • The campaign mode of Tekken 6 just a quick vote who wanted a beat em up for this games story.
  • Eddy's father's plan to "protect" his son. Does he really think that prison would be safe? Or, more importantly, that being sent to prison for several years, possibly for life, would be better than simply going into hiding?
  • So, why the hell is King friends with the guy who murdered his mentor? I mean really, has Marduk even shown any remorse for what he did? At least Armour King seems to be reacting properly to the whole damn thing.
    • Marduk was drunk. Also, King not so much forgived him as much as not lowered himslef to his level (at first).
      • Maybe so, but that still doesn't explain why they've apparently become partners in later endings. They seem to get teamed quite often. Not sinking to his level is one thing, but still, teaming up with the guy in matches? Really King?
      • King and the rest of the orphans were raised by a Catholic priest. Maybe the original King stressed the importance of forgiveness?
      • I cannot for the life of me remember where, but I vaguely recall some info on Marduk suggesting that while he wasn't exactly remorseful over Armor King's death, he was far from proud of it. He just wasn't the kind of person to take being treated like a monster for a mistake lying down and rebelled against it in a jerkass fashion. The way he saw it, he went to jail, did his time, and lost everything he had because of it. He's paid for that mistake in his opinion.
      • Regardless, I understand the point the OP brought up. Marduk killed King's father figure and not only showed little remorse, he actually desecrates Armor King's grave by digging it up. Forgiveness is one thing, but befriending his mentor's killer and treating his death like it's water under the bridge is the point where fans cry Wallbanger.
      • If that happened before Armor King II went in and smacked Marduk silly, that would be stupid. At that point, both King and Marduk were utterly shocked that Armor King I could be Back from the Dead, so Marduk digging Armor King I's grave was a pretty justified move for both him and King, to ensure if Armor King I is still dead or not. As it turns out, if Marduk didn't prove Armor King I dead by digging his grave, both he and King wouldn't be able to fulfill their objective to uncover the identity of the new Armor King. It may be a bit disgracing yes, but you have to also take account that both of them were at shock at the prospect of Armor King coming back, so asking them to just take it like a stride is what would either make me scratch or bang my head.
  • Anna's fighting style. If she only knows Aikido, which involves holds, throws, reversals, and joint locks, how did she learn to do all of these flashy moves?
    • I believe her fighting style is officially a mix of Koppo (which revolves around crushing and breaking bones) and assassination arts rooted in Aikido. It's like how Paul's style incorporates judo and aikido or how Law's is just listed as "martial arts" despite clearly behind based on (naturally) Jeet Kune Do.
  • Why does anyone bother competing when only Mishima's ever win?
    • Several if not all characters in the series have their own reasons for joining the tournament, not to mention the big prize money the Mishima Zaibatsu offers and the claim to the title of the World's Strongest Man. Sadly, anyone who is not a Mishima isn't particularly important in the main plot, so, yeah. Being a King of Iron Fist Tournament contestant is suffering.
  • So now that it is actually confirmed that Leo is female; is she a transvestite or a transsexual? Both seem to be equally likely.
    • So we could be probably be looking at the next Poison?
    • Speaking of Poison, this troper believes that Miharu's model (in Tag 2) could be the basis of Poison for Tekken x Street Fighter. Given how both have very similar costumes...
    • To answer the question, she's just female. A Bifauxnen, yes, but not a trap or anything of the sort.
  • In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, we have Jin and Devil Jin (and to some extent, Ancient Ogre and Ogre/Ogre and True Ogre (Tekken 3).) How is it that whenever Jin/Ancient Ogre tags out, they go through the regular tag-in animation. While it would be safe to say that the transformation takes place outside of the screen, note that in the first game, Kazuya had a special tag-in animation with Devil. Plus, if you initiate Tag Assault, both Jin/A. Ogre AND D. Jin/Ogre appear on screen at the same time! WTF.
    • Gameplay and Story Segregation. People using Kazuya/Devil in TTT suffered in terms of safe tagging, so using the two of them was actually a disadvantage because he just stood there and transformed, leaving himself wide open. Not sure about Ogre/A. Ogre, but Jin/DJ have the special singular poses before and after the fight, so it's at least acknowledged there. The annoying thing is that the headbutt to arm wrench tag throw they have makes no sense and could have been avoided like in the Great Combo.
    • Jin can morph into Devil Jin and vice versa (see here for more details), but it's an alternative way of tagging out (so, unlike Kazuya/Devil in TTT, you don't leave yourself open to combos/miss out on combo opportunities due to the transformation time). As for why (Ancient) Ogre/(True) Ogre can't do the same, beats me. There have been theories that perhaps Ancient Ogre isn't the Ogre that transformed into True Ogre back in 3, but is just one of many other Ogres (perhaps given credence by A. Ogre's ending), so make of that as you will.
      • I think the fact that normal Ogre is called Ancient Ogre is a great clue that he isn't the Canon Ogre. Not to mention that this version of True Ogre has multiple snakes for an arm whereas the original Tekken 3 version had only one really large snake. Even if that isn't the case is there any proof that Ogre could ever transform at will? because the only two times we canonically see him transform is in the 3 opening sequence where he is released and again at the end of the tournament where he steals Heihachi's energy. It could feasibly be a result of the whole soul stealing process.
      • Well, Ogre and True Ogre (in 3) share the same ending, and that depicts Ogre morphing into True Ogre. That doesn't necessarily mean anything, though, and a lot of this could simply be chalked up to "this is a non-canon game, let's spice things up a bit", as could be the case with True Ogre's visual update.
  • If Paul went on to fight Ogre in the third tournament, does that mean Jin lost to him in the final then was chosen to fight True Ogre because he was second?
    • Possibly. Paul was the only one whose record in the third tournament was actually mentioned, but it's unknown how well Jin fared. Presumably, he'd have to be of high standing in the tournament ladder if he killed True Ogre after Paul finished bulldozing the rest of the competition.
  • In the Tekken Tag 2 swimwear Pre-Order Bonus, why do almost all of the men have loincloths as their swimsuits?
    • Bara Fanservice? I dunno, but it would have been nice if they were given a bit more variety. Sure, we can understand if the fundashis were worn by characters such as Heihachi or Ganryu, but Marduk and Ogre? Ogre?!
    • Speaking of swimwear, anyone find it odd that Angel is the only character to not have a bikini when two androids (who, unlike Alisa, are easily recognizable as robots), a bear, a kangaroo, a dinosaur, a panda, and a person carved out of wood all get swimsuits? Even Combot has floatation tubes. And if they wanted to not defile Angel's "pure and divine" status, they could easily give her a pareo like the ones Jun and Alisa received. Honestly, it can't be that much racier than the customization options already present for her.
  • Is Unknown evil? She's treated as such but she doesn't seem to do anything that would be considered wrong.
    • It's because she is non-canon (and the fact she is Jun for that matter) and as such she doesn't get any development beyond the fact that she is the Tekken Tag Big Bad.
    • Angel can appear as the Final Boss with certain characters in Tekken 2. I think that would make her the Big Good instead of the Big Bad. With that said, Unknown. Jun's Unknown. Jun's Darker and Edgier. Is Unknown actually bad? Dark Is Not Evil?
  • I get that Lee and Violet speak English in 4. But in Tag 2, Lee speaks Japanese and Violet speaks English, even though they're basically the same character. What gives?
    • A put on? Lee masquaded as Violet so perhaps the different languages were so that people think he is two different people.
    • But then, Violet speaks Japanese for most of the fight lab...
    • Didn't Lee train under Paul and Law in America for a time? He's most likely bilingual. Lee most likely stuck with English after he was exiled by Heihachi to keep appearances, as suggested by the second Troper (notice that Violet speaks in fluent English in both 4 and during certain parts of TTT2, his intro quotes and [Fight Lab] ending in particular). Once the ruse was discovered and Lee's identity revealed, he probably thought to himself, "Screw it. No need to keep this up" and decided to go back to speaking Japanese for the most part.
  • Why does the main page state that Tekken Blood Vengeance is canon when it is so radically different and outright contradictory to anything established previously? A few examples: Xiaoyu's school uniform being a different colour, sumo wrestler and ex Mishima Zaibatsu henchman Ganryu being a school teacher, Lee also being a teacher, Panda having super speed despite being one of the slowest fighters in the franchise, Alisa having absolutely no previous evidence she even knows Xiaoyu let alone went to high school with her, no mention of her best friend Miharu, Devil Kazuya and Devil Jin's completely different look, Mokujin being a fifty foot fire demon instead of a six foot wooden dummy? This list goes on and on...
    • I don't get it either. The BV page once had a Continuity Snarl example listing several glaring continuity errors that'd render it impossible for the movie to be canon. Tag 2 referencing BV is fine since the game is (for all intents and purposes and Sequel Hooks aside) non-canon, but I can't fathom BV being canon to 7 without some sort of Hand Wave Retcon.
  • Jaycee's name comes from Julia Chang's initials, right? But Jaycee's ending reveals that she's filling in for a wrestler friend of hers. So does her friend go under the name "Jaycee" when she's wrestling too or a completely different ring name? If she goes by "Jaycee", why? And if not, why doesn't Julia use her friend's ring name?
    • Perhaps the thing with Julia/Jaycee isn't imitating her friend's personna completely, but fighting to get whatever prize money/Macguffin aforementioned friend wanted to gain in the Tekken Tag Tournament.
  • Jun's tag ending animations. You'd think she'd get along with Asuka, niece\aunt and according to the FAQ I read that should be the case. But no, they act like they hate each other, I get the same with Nina\Anna. Asuka with Leo on the other hand get along much better, Jun's like that with everyone. As I doing something wrong?
    • No, it's just that, for some reason or another, a lot of the character relationships in Tag 2 seem counter-intuitive to what canon would suggest. Additionally, Jun might have never met or even known of Asuka's existence due to raising Jin in what appears to be total seclusion. Nina and Anna not being a cohesive unit (outside of tag throws and the like), however, is completely understandable (it's been like that for 99.9% of the time, anyway).
    • I got that. It was funny that Asuka and Leo like each other for example, maybe because they both oppose Jin? Who knows. I tried it with Jin, Kuma, Alex and Roger as well. It seems she doesn't like anyone. That's...strange. Maybe some of this didn't carry over to the XBOX version. Whatever the case might be it's motivated me to fool around with her tropes a bit.
  • With each new Tekken game, more and more characters are speaking the languages of their respective nations, instead of just English or Japanese (as seen in Tekken 4). In the case of Alisa, she's a Russian Robot Girl that speaks Japanese, because she was created to serve Jin Kazama, who is Japanese... so, I have to ask; what's the reason behind Lars speaking Japanese instead of Swedish? Wasn't he born and raised in Sweden?
    • Lars works in Japan for a Japanese company. That explains the Japanese, but not the Swedish.
    • Look, in the Tekkenverse everybody is so multilingual it's not even close to funny. Even if we just count the rival battles it seems everybody at least understands English, Japanese and Chinese. At least two of them can understand bear perfectly well and I think some of them can understand raptor and kangaroo. Perhaps the TARDIS is just off screen.
  • Why was Christie's Grandfather in Jail?
    • From an writer's standpoint, I'd say plot convenience. But it's possible he was framed.
  • Why wasn't King I, Armour King I, Kuma I, Jack, Jack-2, Gun Jack, Jack-5, Roger, Tetsujin and Gon playable in Tag 2?
    • Gon is not owned by Namco - he is the titular character of a manga. Without permission they have no legal right to include him. As for all the other characters I ask you to expand your question with one simple sentence: Why what would be the point? each and every one of them have at least one character with an identical, if updated, move set. Frankly Tekken Tag 2 already suffers from too many indistinguishable characters to warrant any more.
  • I have always wondered two things about Paul:
    • 1. Why was it in the original Tekken, that he was the only one of the original eight characters not to have a clone, and yet Jack had three of them?
    • 2. Paul's fighting style is usually described as a hybrid of different martial arts with Judo being his primary style, but to me, he seems to be mostly a Karateka. I mean, he wears a Karate gi and gloves/shinguards, his strikes are based off Karate, and he was originally the Ken to Kazuya's Ryu, also a blonde, American karate fighter. True, he does use Judo in his throws, but so does others, and Michelle uses pro wrestling moves for her throws and she isn't listed a wrestler, so what's up?
      • Paul does have somewhat similar moves to Kazuya and Heihachi, and likely was modified so he wouldn't be seen as a clone character. He would eventually get a clone of sorts in Bryan, whose moves are a combination of Bruce's and Paul's. The Jack robots and Roger/Alex would also get an unblockable punch called "Windmill Punch". which functions in a similar way to Paul's "Burning Fist".
      • Lee and Wang were the nearest things to Paul clones in the original Tekken. Lee was a broken Law, that had a couple of Paul's kicks I believe (which doesn't really show, because Paul isn't exactly known as a kicking character). Wang had a variation of Paul's death fist, but overall he's probably the least 'cloney' boss character in the game.
  • Who sent the Jack robots to kill Heihachi and destroy Honmaru? And why?
    • It was confirmed in Tekken 6 that it was G-Corp, presumably to remove the closest thing the series had to a Big Bad (and was also possibly targeting Kazuya as well). Kazuya, in return, proceeded to slaughter the G-Corp members who presumably sent the Jacks against him, and take over the company too.
  • So... can Eliza fly? She seems to have one move where she can hover off the ground and dash for a few seconds, and while she lacks any kind of wings, it wouldn't surprise me if a Centuries old Vampire could fly somehow. I'm just not really sure if she can or not.
  • Jun dislikes deception, yet she tells her son if anything happened to her to find Heihachi. Not Michelle? Or Lei? Or Angel? Someone she should know all about how deceitful he is? What, the fact he keeps bears enough to sway her?
    • Is there any canon proof that Jun actually knows Michelle, Lei or Angel beyond beating them up at tournaments? and that supposes she actually faced them in the first place. What I have always wondered is why in-universe she didn't send him off to Asuka Kazama's family.
    • Supplemental material such as comics and films suggests she does, and if you look at Angel's ending it's strongly hinted that Jun is The Lancer to her. But if they're out let's look at the idea below, who does Jun get along with? Nina, retrospectively, and I think she was okay with Baek as well, as in more positive than most of the cast. But why Heihachi of all people? Just chalk it up to having horrible taste in men?
      • Now that you mention it, considering she doesn't seem to get along with Asuka in Tag tournament 2, it's possible she's estranged from that side of the family. It would explain why she never told Jin to go to them and sent him to Heihachi instead.
      • I headcanon the idea that the new Darker and Edgier Jun that we see in Tag 2 is actually the kind of agent that her Kazama clan intended her to be, as if it had removed all of her 'weakness' so to speak, and restored her to what was considered her default state, or prime. It's possible that the Kazama clan were rather ruthless in their morality and that Jun wasn't all flower power initially, but rather grew away from her clan and became the iconic caring Jun (possibly due to her relationship with Kazuya, or being a mother to Jin).
    • My guess, in response to why Jun told Jin to find Heihachi, was because Heihachi made her An Offer You Can't Refuse; either she allows Jin to be raised by him (and to be fair, he does raise Jin better than Kazuya... until Jin kills Ogre, ruining his latest scheme), OR he'll send Guns For Hire to drag Jin away if he's told to live with somebody else, and then would do only God knows what to him afterwards. Jun was caught between a rock and a hard place, and thus took the option that would give Jin more time to train before inevitably needing to come to blows with Heihachi.
  • Two thoughts on Alisa; one of them being questionable: (1) Can she feel pain? I mean, it wouldn't make much sense for her to be able to feel pain, when there are probably ways for a machine like herself to monitor physical condition, and (2) According to the main page for this section, all females except for Xiaoyu, Jun and I guess Leo fall under Fan Service Pack, havely impressive busts, but I never thought she was that big....or has my years of anime females with bowling ball breasts simply left me with a questionable opinion of size?
  • Why doesn't Law fight Azazel in Tekken 6's Arena Mode? Raven doesn't because he's Lars' assistant at the time, so there's that. But every other character does. And while Law, Paul and Steve are all in a slate to share their efforts, and divide the prize, Paul and Steve fight Jin and Azazel, but Law doesn't. I really don't get it.
  • So why is Bryan Fury apparently the only character in the series with Balls of Steel (being unaffected by Nina's low blow kick, when the Jack series bots and Alisa shouldn't even have the requisite parts to be affected by such attacks. Alisa being made to mimic humans closely makes sense in a Gone Horribly Right sort of way, but why would anyone design the Jack bots with the ability to feel pain in a body part they really shouldn't even have?
  • Why is Jin Kazama treated (both by the game and this wiki) as retaining his Hero status in Tekken 6? To this troper's eyes, he's simply a well-written villain; he had a good reason for starting WWIII in his opinion, but that doesn't exactly wash away the blood of innocents that he's drenched in by the time he defeats Azazel. Paul, Lars and Heihachi all prove that the strength of people is tough enough to take down supernaturals in the Tekken universe, so Jin's assertion that he is the only person capable of defeating Azazel seems like pure arrogance. Sometimes you have to Take a Third Option, and Jin...didn't.
    • But Lars wasn't actually able to kill Azazel. He beat him in a fight, but the latter just got back up again. I think what Jin meant is that he was the only one who could put the latter down permanently. I do think he may qualify as more of a Well-Intentioned Extremist then a full on hero. In fact, I bet Jin himself would never consider himself a hero after what he's done.

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