Tear Jerker / Tekken

  • Wang Jinrei's ending in Tekken 5: it's really rather sad how Wang had to destroy the Tragic Monster Jinpachi's become, but their last talk together puts a lot of emphasis on the "Tragic" part.
    • The most chilling part is him acknowledging that Jinpachi's death is not enough to fulfill his friend's wishes, and as he stands, he knows that he cannot follow his friend just yet.
    Wang: My friend... It seems my time has yet to come!
    • Mood Whiplash: This ending is used for the Crowning Momentof Funny of Wang's Tekken Tag 2 ending. Wang and Jinpachi also poke fun at Wang's death during the former's ending in Tekken 6. But damn if you didn't agree that Wang's "awesome existence" justified his presence in the latter games.
  • Kazuya's ending in Tekken 5. Before he kills Jinpachi, he has a brief flashback from when he was a child, sparring with him.
    • His ending in Tekken 1 is a bit sad as well. Sure, he finally got revenge on Heihachi, and the ending had a somewhat upbeat tone. But upon hindsight, that moment leads to Kazuya turning into the monster he becomes for the rest of the series.
  • Baek's Tekken 6 ending is enough to draw a tear from anyone. As he takes an attack from Azazel which was intended for his pupil Hwoarang, he retaliates with a large kick and puts an end to the monster, only to collapse lifelessly to the floor. Hwoarang, as the faithful student he is, rushes to check on his master and calls out to him, but gets no response and lets out an anguished scream of ''Master'' to the sky. Poor guy...
  • Being a workaholic can be detrimental to one's social life, as described in Lei Wulong's Tekken 4 prologue. Not only were his cases unsucessful, but losing his girlfriend in the process was the kicker to everything.
  • Jin probably has it the worst. Being separated from his beloved mother at age fifteen, having trusted and been taken under the wing of his Jerkass grandfather for four years just to be betrayed by him at age nineteen, the constant battle against the Devil Gene in him, resorting to starting World War III all just to end to his cursed bloodline... What more could a player ask?
    • Even defeating Azazel wasn't enough to free Jin of his curse. To be truly free of the Devil Gene, he must confront the real cause of his suffering: his grandmother.
  • Alisa thanking Lars for treating her like a human, shortly before shutting down.
  • TTT2 delivers a sad end for Christie. Looks like she'll finally forgive Eddy for his stint with the Zaibatsu in 6, except there were lots of people in the train station who dressed like him from behind and just when she found him, he didn't notice. When she's about to board his train, Christie got occupied with cheering up a crying girl, and when the deed's done, the train left. Eddy finally noticed Christie's pleas to wait, but he shook his head sadly, he probably couldn't forgive himself for doing that stint. It's a sad day for both Capoeira users.
    • In Jin's ending, after Unknown is defeated, Jin is holding her in his arms as she reverts back to Jun and then fades away into nothingness. After a few moments of silence, Jin angrily transforms into Devil Jin and flies off screaming in rage. Continuing into Devil Jin's ending, Jin still screams in rage as he flies into space. A spirit of Jun appears before Jin and becomes one with him. Jin falls to Earth as his Devil Gene is neutralizing and he is found unconscious on a beach.
  • Combot's TTT 2 ending. There's no dialogue, but instead we see Combot staggering through a city, seeing thrown away machinery, then watching cars being crushed over and over. Then, he just gives up as his arm and leg break apart, and he falls to the ground. Then he briefly awakens again, to see Violet looking over him, and just as suddenly ceases to function. The worst part is Violet seemingly crying over his robot's 'death'.
  • Jack-6's ending in Tag 2, reminiscent of the ending to The Iron Giant. Just as an asteroid is falling towards Earth, Jack-6 takes flight towards the asteroid and starts hammering away at it, only to have minimal effect. It looks like Jack-6 is about to fly away from it, only to fly towards it full throttle and uses all his power to break the asteroid into bits and sacrifices himself in the process.
  • Most of Steve's endings really... in T4, he meets his mother for the first time as she saves his life, only for her to disappear again. In T6, he gives his winnings to pals Paul and Marshall, only for a bomb that was planted in the winnings blow them up. The look of horror on Steve's face pretty much says it all. Lastly, in TTT 2, he has flashbacks to his days as a lab rat for the G-Corporation/Zaibatsu and Emma Kliesen, who we see was the one friendly face he had. She then leaves, and due to Leo's storyline, we know what happens to Emma. Seems like anyone who gets close to Steve isn't going to end up well.
  • Hwoarang's reaction to Baek's death in Baek's 6 ending, wherein a very distressed Hwoarang screams "Sa buh nim!"note  as Baek lays dying.
  • Similarly, Wang's death in 6. Defeating Azazel, a weary old man who blames the world's current predicament on his indifference to the Mishima family and their cursed bloodline lays down to die and be reunited with his best friend Jinpachi.
  • Alisa's "death" in Scenario Campaign. The accompanying music also enforces the sad mood. However, if you complete all of the missions of Scenario Campaign (including the secret ones), you'll unlock journal entries detailing her restoration, with all of her memories intact.
  • While Mood Whiplash is usually in effect in general when it comes to Tekken, Tag 2 really goes for the gusto. Compare somber, if not downright depressing endings like Jin going ballistic over his mother leaving him yet again or Baek agonizingly reminiscing over his murder of his father to... Roger Sr.'s continuing family/marital problems or Dragunov trying (and failing) to assemble Alisa IKEA-style.
  • The full Tekken 7 Reveal Trailer. In it, Kazumi Mishima is talking with an unknown mannote  about how they need to kill Heihachi Mishima, before he realizes that Kazuya has the same Devil Gene powers as Kazumi. If they fail, the two could only imagine what Heihachi would do to Kazuya... or to countless others. The fact that this is capped off by a Death Montage of people being killed over the course of series (Miguel's sister, Christie's grandfather, Leo's mother, and on and on...), not to mention the fact this scene takes place "Several Decades Ago" from the present, delivers a nasty Foregone Conclusion to how Kazumi will end up killed by Heihachi, Jinpachi imprisoned underneath Hon-Maru, and how much suffering the world would endure from their failure. Possibly made worse by how Kazumi, in spite of knowing what's at stake, is still heartbroken at needing to kill Heihachi.
    • Even more heartbreaking is when Kazuya finally reunites with his mother and is forced to fight her.