Tear Jerker / Terranigma

  • The ending of Terranigma. Period.
  • The goat scene in Eklemata. And if you come back at a later chapter, well...
  • The game is very good at this, despite having a mediocre translation. There's also Elle's Heroic Sacrifice and the death of Royd and Fyda.
  • During the Playable Epilogue, the man looking at the pond: at the beginning, before opening the Pandora Box, the man at the pond says the fortuneteller told him the image on the pond was the future, explaining to him why he was seeing so many high glass towers. Then, in the epilogue, he just says that he can't see anything on it anymore...
    • In the same part, after hearing throughout the story the same line about how "the unnecessary people will die, and all others will live forever", the shopkeep simply stating that "there isn't a single person who is unnecessary" is just...
  • Elle breaking down and crying at the beginning of the game because she fears that she would not see Ark again. She's completely right.
  • Overworld Elle beginning to talk again, after seeing illusions of her dead parents.
  • Fyda's nightmare. She's stuck in it and it's a flashback to the events of Storkolm. She's told to kill the elders, who are Elle's parents, if they refuse to disclose the location of Storkolm's treasure. Fyda is clearly distraught over having been given this order and she obviously hates having to go through with it. Then there's the fact that the elders simply ask her to take care of Elle in their stead, which she promises to do. And then reveals that she still feels that she failed them.
  • The moment when Ark learns he couldn't talk to animals anymore, when Leim rescues you and when you realize, after basically creating this whole world and developing the towns (and buying Ark an apartment), you have to leave it.
  • Nana and Servas's story: You first meet Servas at the Great Lakes, blocking your way into the cave. He insists he cannot leave his spot because he's waiting for his girlfriend, Nana, to arrive from Liotto so they can get married. A bit later in the game, you find Nana... transformed into a mermaid, or the spirit of a maiden who died at the sea. Turns out the ship in which she was travelling wrecked, and she drowned. She asks you to give Servas her engagement ring. When you show him the ring, he says he understands and vanishes into thin air.