Haiku / Terranigma

Wow, level design!
And a moving story too?

Peaceful, quiet town.
A boy is living his life.
Everything is fine.
— Kajotex

Terrified, grown men.
Begging voices from the deep.
A fate is unsealed.
— Kajotex

Leaving his birthplace,
a quest for his loved ones.
The five dark towers.
— Kajotex

A rift in space-time,
a leap of faith awaits him,
a tear in his eye.
— Kajotex

Red earth on his feet.
A desert devoid of life.
The longest journey.
— Kajotex

Dead leafes on the ground,
an underground labyrinth.
The parasite waits.
— Kajotex

Paradise on earth,
the warmth of the healing sun,
the plants reign again.
— Kajotex

His mission goes on,
as Ark leaves garden Eden.
Showdown on Grecliff.
— Kajotex

The crack of an egg,
a shell is shed for new life.
The birds are soaring.
— Kajotex