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YMMV: BlazBlue
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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Nu-13 gets a lot of this in fanworks; the thinking is she's so screwed up because of the near constant Mind Rape she experiences, either through the boundary or at Hazama's hands. Thus she's often redeemed with a little bit of TLC, or alternatively tough love. As to whether the ending of Chronophantasma has changed this tendency (or indeed it was a Take That, Audience! on ASW's part in response to an Unintended Audience Reaction) will become clear in due course.
    • Depending on how much in the know Jubei is about the time loops, it's possible he thinks that a Ragna with the strength and smarts to move the story onwards on his own emerging (so the good side stands a better fighting chance in the possible upcoming conflicts) is preferable to breaking the loops prematurely.
  • Anticlimax Boss: Non-Unlimited Raggy is the final boss for Hakumen's Arcade Mode in Calamity Trigger. Further reinforced by Nu coming right before. It's meant to show just how powerful Hakumen is in comparison.
  • Americans Love Iron Tager And Azrael: Not that he's not popular in Japan, but with American-exclusive memes like "REAL SOVIET DAMAGE" and "GIGANTIC TAGER", being a hulking, manly cyborg and possibly second-manliest man after Bang, and the voice of Jamieson Price (a fan favorite for Badass Baritone voices in America)... anyone can see it coming. Azrael gets much of the same treatment for being a gleefully insane Blood Knight in the vein of American fan favorite Zaraki Kenpachi.
    • Bang himself is one. In Japan, while he's well-received, it just goes as much as your typical 'goofy comic relief' goes. In America? There's a good reason why Americans tend to treat him as 'the manliest man of all BB characters'. This seeps into his pairing choice, as Western fans are the ones who would desire that Litchi get it off with Bang instead of Arakune (and unfortunately may end up bashing her for choosing Arakune, not Bang), while you're going to have trouble to find a Bang X Litchi art in Japan (or if they exists, they're drowned with more HQ Arakune X Litchi arts).
  • Base Breaker: Stylish mode. note  Is it a good way to allow players to learn the game and how characters work, or is it a terrible idea that only exists so that players can win in matches that they shouldn't be able to despite having less skill than their opponent? Though there are some who don't mind it — so long as it isn't used against players that want to only use the Technical mode.
  • Cliché Storm: Gloriously so! Ragna alone could be considered the expy of a gazillion shounen or seinen heroes, and the story just fires off anime cliches one after the other, yet behold how popular it is. Compared to other fighting game series; it's not a high standard to top.)
  • Complete Monster: This series ain't pulling their punches. We've got two top tier depraved individuals that you may wish would go down ASAP.
  • Crazy Awesome: Most fans like Hazama despite the fact that he's possibly the most insane member of the cast. Also see Draco in Leather Pants.
  • Crossover: To be frank, there's no full-on canon crossover with BlazBlue, yet. However...
    • with Arcana Heart. too bad it's just an April Fools Joke. Though, there's a segment in Bururaji where Heart Aino appears, and there's a flash game where Ragna and Heart is on a date together.
    • Guilty Gear. The two games are frequently crossed over in many fanworks.
    • There seems to be an unhealthy amount of fanworks featuring BlazBlue crossed over with Touhou, especially in the Japanese art site, Pixiv.
    • Most likely the reason why Crossover Shipping is extremely popular in the BlazBlue fandom.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: The series almost falls into this. Those who are taken seriously are Anti-Heroes at best, those who are clear-cut heroes are treated as the Joke characters story-wise and never are taken seriously, the villains are extremely effective and far more likely to win, and those who oppose the villains who are taken seriously are disorganized and would rather mind their own businesses than realize the threat and work for a better future. Even when Terumi is killed and Relius gets his just deserts, it's all for naught when literally every single victory the heroes achieved is undone in seconds by the sudden appearance of the biggest Villain Sue yet, and the only one capable of stopping her ends up performing a Face-Heel Turn.
  • Designated Hero: The majority of the game's Good Is Not Nice characters are often seen in this light. The only flat out exceptions are Ragna and to a lesser extent Hakumen (mainly thanks to Continuum Shift). Rachel and Luna do get this treatment but the most prominent cases for this are Jin and Kokonoe. (Mainly thanks to the events that occured in Continuum Shift, it was getting really hard for a sizable portion to remember that Kokonoe has not pulled a Heel-Face Turn.) This trope could be caused because when your main oppositions are extremely over-the-top Complete Monsters like Terumi and Relius... anyone can claim high moral ground for opposing them no matter what reason.
    • Designated Villain: And the same goes to NOL. Just so you to remember, not everyone in NOL are self-serving high and mighty jackasses, most of them are more under Terumi and Relius' influence, they're mostly police forces trying to make best of the harsh situation they're in, but they're going to be considered The Empire. Lately, however, thanks to Graying Morality, drafting Litchi into NOL (though she's not very pleased) and the addition of Kagura Mutsuki, an actually not-so-jackass dude being actually the biggest badass of NOL's Duodecim... it may start losing the status.
  • Die for Our Ship: Arakune must die for Bang x Litchi, Noel must die for Jin x Tsubaki, Noel and Tsubaki must die for Ragna x Jin, everyone must die for ν-13 x Ragna, and so on... Nu-13 and Tsubaki kind of agree with their fans on this one...
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Nu-13. It's very easy to forget that she is a creepy Yandere, Weapon of Mass Destruction that hates the world and wouldn't think twice of blowing it up on a whim... Especially when she's being so adorable in how she did the Yandere thing.
    • For example, you look at this Amane-ified Nu and try not to say how adorable she is.
    • Hazama's Crazy Awesome levels made people appreciate him so much that they forget that he's a depraved monster par excellence that is designed that way, even according to Word of God (who says that he's devoid of redeeming qualities).
    • For some, there's also those who'd consider Kokonoe having one. She'd be considered an amoral bitch unworthy of being cheered even when she's being an ally thanks to her laundry list of atrocities, ignorance of things. However, because she's considered highly amusing with her snarkiness and F-Bombs and her other competition is a high-caliber bastard like Terumi (and she herself is considered an attractive pink-haired Cat Girl), she often got her atrocities and dangers glossed away. The game also glosses it somehow, even if Ragna and Hakumen called her nasty decision-makings out, she's still tailored to be the best mind they had for ally and she still gets to enjoy protagonistic role despite never having to realize that she is wrong and needs to fix her attitude.
    • Played for Laughs with Relius. Despite being one of the most horrific examples of Abusive Parents in gaming, the fandom insists that he's genuine "Father of the Year" material for some reason.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: All of the characters are popular to an extent, but a notable example is Ragna's projectile move, Dead Spike. A rare case of a fighting move being popular. To the point where it has its own pool on Danbooru, and it continues to grow.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Ragna x Noel, Jin x Tsubaki and Bang x Litchi.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Totally averted by Hazama, who not only looks pretty slick, but is oddly enough the most normally dressed of all the cast members. Relius is a different story. His outfit might not look so bad if the colors weren't so garish, if his chest piece didn't look like a video game controller, and if the rings at the bottom of his cape didn't make it look like he's wearing a shower curtain.
  • Foe Yay Shipping: There is a lot, almost makes you think its intention on the creator's part.
    • First and foremost are Ragna/Jin. It'd be enough if they were just rivals, but Jin's extreme obsession with killing his brother just pours fuel on the fire.
    • Then there's Ragna/Hazama(And by extension Terumi as well). Hazama was sustained in the world because of Ragna's hatred towards him. He literally couldn't live without him.
    • An interesting case of this lies with Trinity and Terumi as it was partially canon. Trinity had feelings for Kazuma, the vessel in which Terumi resided in. Terumi exploited her feelings and had her free him from her friend Nine's control. Ever since, the fans just kind of took off with the pairing, even though Trinity wants nothing more than to end Terumi's existence.
  • Fountain of Memes: Hazama is apparently a smooth criminal and is considered the biggest Troll ever.
  • Freud Was Right: Hazama's Astral. That snake is really huge. And long.
  • Inferred Holocaust: The true ending for Bang's story mode is told from the perspective of the Kaka villagers, who revere Bang as a hero for "bringing the sky back" to their underground city. What's touched upon only briefly is the fact that his actions caused the destruction of most of Kagutsuchi.
    • Though Continuum Shift took it into a canonical route and Bang SURVIVES the ordeal.
  • Love to Hate: Terumi, though how you like him depends on how funny you find his trolling. This trope is the main reason he was kept alive... until the end of Chronophantasma, that is.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Both Hazama and Relius can be very devious, managing to outwit the whole cast. Until Chronophantasma that is, and they're outwitted by Izanami, the Goddess of Death.
  • Memetic Molester: Relius, because of his rather... "interesting" ways of restraining his opponents in his Astral Heat, and pretty much all of his interactions with Makoto.
    • And of course Jin towards Ragna. There is almost no scene he shares with Ragna where he isn't being as creepy as possible in his desire to fight him; Arcsys themselves just run with it and turn it Up to 11 in the gag reels.
  • Memetic Mutation: Net scale. Thanks to a certain Japanese phonecard with official art depicting Rachel with nothing but her underwear and Ragna's coat, imitation fan art has quite a bit of mileage.
  • Memetic Sex God: Jin is now officially labeled as this, with Ragna going in second thanks to their status as Mr. Fanservice, Launcher of a Thousand Ships (even in Crossover Shipping), and Chick Magnet.
    • Everybody is Furry for Makoto.
    • Amane is clearly heading this way thanks to his FABULOUS appearance.
    • There's even fanworks of both Jin and Amane competing in the FABULOUS department, to humorous extent. This one should tell you as much.
    • Despite his own status as a Memetic Molester, Hazama's Theme Music is a Memetic Sex God in its own right.
    • Bang; primarily due to being Rated M for Manly and the man himself lampshading it, anything to do with him has a high chance of becomng this.
    • Is anyone out there even remotely surprised that the fandom is turning Kagura Mutsuki into this?
  • Memetic Troll: To no one surprise, Yuuki Terumi. It helps that he canonically trolls the other characters
  • Most Annoying Sound:
  • Never Live It Down: Oh boy.
    • Ragna is having a hard time living down his reputation as an unrepentant mass murderer despite his horrible past and hidden golden heart.
    • Jin is probably going to be forever remembered as 'that brother-obsessed psycho' no matter what Character Development hit him. Even ASW endorses it in humorous segments.
    • Poor Litchi is becoming very much like Orihime, one unwilling Face-Heel Turn due to a nasty, near unavoidable Sadistic Choice and she's forever marked as 'idiot', 'never a good person', 'utterly selfish and obsessed' regardless of the tons of genuinely good things she did in the past.
    • No matter what Character Development hit him, whatever true enemy he realizes, he can fight for justice, try to be a better man, but Bang's Arch-Enemy is always going to be Jin.
  • The Scrappy: While it's very hard to see anyone as Scrappies, you'll find it very hard to find fans of Luna (not Platinum as whole), who's considered to be incredibly loud-mouthed and obnoxious, insulting nearly everyone she came across in a worse scale that surpassed even Rachel's haughtiness. People can't stand her and she contributes on how haters express their hate to Platinum. To make things worse, Sena wasn't any better and some thinks he's just too wimpy to be liked. Really, the only factor they like in Platinum is because Trinity, one of the Six Heroes are part of their souls, but Trinity rarely taking on the battlefield didn't help matters...
    • Noel Vermillion has her fair share of haters due to her perceived Mary Sue status, along with things like her shy attitude and perceived 'spineless' attitude and many accusing her being a Distressed Damsel that can't get anything done herself. Making matters worse, Mori is also very open in declaring his favoritism to Noel, making her skirt the Creator's Pet status. Noel's newfound confidence in Chronophantasma helped fix the damage a bit, but a lot still thinks it's not enough.
    • Heart Remix's Mai Natsume is much, much worse, as far as fan reaction goes. Many have accused her as of being a needless moeblob Mary Sue with zero personality only meant for Fanservice, and considering her story was declared canon (although only flashback), it just makes the audience dread the day she's introduced in the mainline game.
  • Shipping Goggles: A few people who read the Remix Heart manga are already toying with the idea of Jin Kisaragi and Mai Natsume together. One of the most likely reasons is that Jin x Mai is comparable to Ky x Dizzy in Guilty Gear.
  • Ships That Pass In The Night: Ragna and Jin with nearly every male and female character in the series, though in particular Ragna and Tsubaki have become a well-received ship due to a series of fanfics.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Good holy lord, where do we even start? There's fans of Bang/Litchi who are very vocal and bash hammers on Arakune, and a minority of Litchi/Arakune fans who bash hammers on the other, then we have fans of Jin/Tsubaki who bash Noel for getting in their way (nevermind that Noel is a Shipper on Deck for them). As of Continuum Shift, Jin/Makoto has been getting it's good share of popularity (though, it doesn't seem to cause much tension to the shipping community). And then we have Ragna/Jin, the most popular pairing in the series who will bash everyone if need be... Hands down. Oh, and there's a portion of the community that believes Jin will eventually be a Celibate Hero / Chaste Hero, and therefore will have no official canon Love Interest. That's not even getting into all the popular Crossover Shipping Jin is involved with. The amount of Ship Tease between Ragna and Celica in Chronophantasma adds a torpedo to virtually all the Ragna ships beforehand and makes the Ragna/Jin, Ragna/Rachel and Ragna/Noel fans foam at the mouth.
  • Squick: Some fans are grossed out by (or at least like to make jokes about) Nine barring a child fathered by Jubei. He's humanoid, sure, but he's more cat than man.
  • Thirty Sue Pileup: Mary Sue accusations are thrown around like confetti by several characters' very vocal hatedoms. Over the series' history, seven characters faced the sharpest of these accusations.
    • Ragna the Bloodedge was subjected to this by his hatedom due to "having an excess of badass traits with little character to balance it out" - highest bounty in the world, walks over anyone not named Hakumen, Nu or Rachel, and so on. He's been characterized beyond that in Calamity Trigger, which makes the accusations flimsy, and further development in Continuum Shift silenced them for good. Doesn't stop people from hating him, however.
    • Noel Vermillion is openly declared as a Creator's Pet for Toshimichi Mori, catering to his design fetishes and having a central role in the plot. She's actually a deconstruction - all of her "Sue qualities" put her in positions she is clearly unfit to handle, and her powers remained unknown to her and exploited by others for their own benefit. Her character had little chance to develop due to constant manipulation, but closing her "Eye of the Azure" may open that possibility - and if a month with her best bud Makoto is any indication, things are looking up for her.
    • Speaking of, a trend late in the life cycle of Continuum Shift involved broadsiding Makoto Nanaya with these accusations, proving even an Ensemble Darkhorse is not immune. Arguments used against her include distorting the story, downplaying or omitting her character flaws, and ceaseless undue praise for her character and ability. Many of these accusations, in reality, come from acting only on surface stimuli - further insight explains all of these phenomena at work in a believable fashion. Further, like Noel, any perceived "Sue traits" may have set Relius' crosshairs squarely on her as a byproduct.
    • Rachel Alucard has also been assaulted due to withholding vital information without consequence and exploiting her power as a means to alleviate her ceaseless boredom. Given an observer's role, she was forbidden from acting directly in Calamity Trigger, and in Continuum Shift she sloughed it off in order to change the world for the better. Even then, she finds it's a learning experience... one which she shows trouble in adjusting to, and she is opened up to backdraft for her aforementioned transgressions.
    • Yuuki Terumi has been depicted as an obnoxiously infallible villain whose charisma, combat prowess, and tactical ability are hyped through his ceaselessly smug disposition, and in chapter two of four he can outmaneuver the lion's share of the cast without effort, incorporating even their victories into his plans, with countermeasures for anything they can throw at him. While Terumi has been playing Takamagahara as a fool and peeking at other timelines, many developments crudely cater to his interests - Relius may be an invincible antagonist as well, but he was never presented in such an infantile manner. As bonus points for his fandumb, he was unerringly praised for de-Suing Ragna, Noel and Rachel, and yet the Sue accusations for Makoto started flowing wholesale when she knocked him off his high horse. And then he gets anti-climatically Killed Off for Real at the end of Chronophantasma, causing many people to then complain about that.
    • On the subject of the death of Yuuki Terumi, Hakumen has been getting his share of accusations, mostly due to being ridiculously overpowered despite the complications that continue to plague him (that is, the extent of the power he can muster due to being Observed), as well as the method he used to execute Terumi, which is seen as an Ass Pull (it is a function of the Susano'o unit). Even worse, the situation makes him self-disposing, as the repeated use of Time Eater (which Izanami facetanked on its second use) means he will invariably fall back into the Boundary as a result. His saving grace is the nature of his story, in how he is realizing the extent of his influence on the world and how he needs to pass the torch on to Jin.
    • Lastly is Celica A. Mercury, who is repeatedly broadsided with Sue accusations on all fronts - overly moe, lack of viable flaws, gets along with everyone (except the villains, natch), steals the spotlight from Ragna (due to jamming his Azure Grimoire by proximity)... the list goes on. Even her Actual Pacifist nature is never exploited, as she never gets into trouble without some kind of guardian waiting in the wings. And with how little characterization she gets, it is likely the accusations will continue well into the future. Note that this applies to the Dark War era Celica, including the chronophantasma Kokonoe evoked; the elder Celica who raised Ragna, Jin and Saya is seen in a better light.
  • Toy Ship: There are viewers whom viewed many of Rachel's interactions with Carl as a potential case of this, while Ragna X Rachel gets more ship-tease in the series Carl X Rachel is not that far off (however this was mostly in BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger but there was a little bit of this in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift though.)
  • Trapped by Mountain Lions: Its kind of inevitable though considering the nature of the series. Every character has their own plotline that runs along the ones involving "main characters" Ragna, Jin, and Noel. Some plot points cross, but others are left in the dust.
  • Vanilla Protagonist: Part of what makes Ragna such an interesting protagonist is how he bounces off the rest of the cast despite his rather one-note personality, namely how insane his situations tend to get when interacting with them. Unlike most examples of this trope however, Ragna does receive significant Character Development over the course of the series.
  • The Woobie: Everyone except Hazama/Yuuki Terumi and Relius Clover. Hoo. Boy.
    • Ragna's life sucks sooo bad. The destruction of his home and family made him hate the world, and it's part of the reason why he's aiming at the Library for maintaining a world that he hates, and part of the reason he's the Black Beast, and this hatred is used by Terumi to keep existing. And he acts like such a nonchalant jackass whose favorite phrase sums up to "Outta my way, or you die!" to nearly everyone. But despite so, he'll keep moving on without giving up, even if he's told that he has no chance.
    • Jin Kisaragi, yes, he's an asshole extraordinary. However, aside of his insecurity that Ragna kept ignoring in the past, it didn't get better when he got adopted. Already feeling dead and just doing things like any adopted kid did, the Kisaragi family mostly looked at him with scorn who thinks he only gets all the luxuries because of family name. Anything he did, he never found joy. Oh, and how many times has it been that he was suckered into being possessed by Terumi? More than once, I assume. Amped Up to Eleven if you listen to the lyrics of the L.A. Vocal of his theme. This guy has been through a lot of shit, it's not even funny.
    • Oh boy, Noel Vermillion. Yes, she's born as an adult, but her mentality isn't one of an adult/teenager and she was pushed into a harsh world in order to maintain her family... including getting much of a harsh abuse from Jin for being incompetent, getting mistaken as a boy, her best friend Tsubaki turned against her due to jealousy... then she found out that she's not even human, in the worst way possible courtesy of Terumi. This results her being turned into Mu-12 and wants to destroy the world... The only thing that got better afterwards was just her last problems, up until CP, Tsubaki has been brainwashed to hunt her down further, and Jin still hates her.
    • Taokaka gets a substantial Woobie moment at the end of her CS story mode. Try as she might, she can't hold her own against Hazama, and it looks like she's not going to survive the fight, at which time she breaks from her usual demeanor and laments that all she wanted to do was protect the village and her friends.
    • Litchi Faye-Ling looks like an all-kind all-helpful all-angelic woman... but then we learn that she has one extreme Guilt Complex about letting her friend, who's shown to be not a pleasant person and considered her annoying, go awry with her research and turn into Arakune. She's been trying the damndest to save him, by inflicting the corruption to her as well, but everyone else that knows just says she's a moron for such a lost cause. Her time's running up and she's Forced Into Evil just to preserve her life... and everyone else say she's a moron and a traitor for staining her morality. Even so, she would still keep moving on while maintaining her kind persona, and keeps her problems to herself so everyone that cares about her wouldn't worry... And then Chronophantasma proceeded to destroy whatever 'Iron' she had. Not only Kokonoe was furious at her actions and is wanting to kill her, she is still forced to fight her friends in order to maintain Arakune's stable form thanks to being observed by Hazama... Then Rachel revealed her that this is Hazama we're talking about, he didn't tell Litchi that he's observing him as Arakune, not Lotte Carmine, thus he's stuck in his blob form and no amounts of efforts are going to restore him. Everything she did in NOL has become pointless, she earned the ire of many of her friends, is it any wonder that after all those, she finally broke down in tears? The Story Mode made her goes even further that the only way to do so is to stick with Relius and create a world where Lotte may live. Left without any other options and none of her griefs solved, she decided to take that chance... Although she may finally gets a bone thrown on her when Relius' plans fell apart and she's in the custody of... Carl, who's more than likely to fix her grief for good.
    • Arakune/Lotte Carmine is just a scientist aiming for the top... with some inferiority complex. But then, his targets of surpassing, Kokonoe and Relius Clover, never gave a damn and instead mocked him for it, making him desperate enough to steal ideas of Litchi's work and then... well, look at what he's become. He's doomed to wander the land with decreasing sanity, insatiable hunger and appearance of legions of bugs. Then he got caught by Relius, and then had him Observed by Hazama... except that Hazama observes him as Arakune the blob of bugs, NOT the scientist he used to be...
    • Carl Clover, the precocious child who... witnessed his dear sister turned into an automaton by his own dad that he adored and came to completely distrust adults at that point, and he's even feared by his own uncle and aunt. Everyone else refers his sister as a dangerous weapon that he should keep away from at all cost. Wow, kid needs a hug. Thankfully, he did get a bone thrown to him when Litchi gave him a genuinely sweet hug despite her own inner troubles that Carl finally calms down and starts feeling better. But then, he learns that Litchi is in the clutches of said 'dad' and then realizes that to help both her and his sister he actually had to side with him. So eventually he did... and had to beat up the other adult that he respects, Bang. But thankfully another bone got thrown to him AND Litchi as Bang perservered and wrecked Relius' plan, and now the two of them are holding him on the leash so they can direct his brain and knowledge to their needs instead of his...
    • Nu-13 is, at heart, a sad, lonely, and somewhat deranged girl who just wants Ragna to be with her. Pity that also manifests in them becoming the Black Beast together and destroying much of the world. When her soul gets put into Lambda and you find out why she's like this, you can't help but feel for the poor girl...robot...thing. If you take what she says literally and then remember the fact that she shares a life-link with Ragna then the fridge horror of whats happened to her is actually pretty shocking. Ragna has actually killed a semi completed Nu-13 twice before CT even begun, which in turn forced her to regenerate from scratch in the boundary...which is a place composed of 100% mind-rape. He did this without ever even thinking about her having emotions or a mind of her own since her previous forms weren't completed and she couldn't talk yet. After CT, shes left at the bottom of the now destroyed cauldron to rot and attempt to regenerate until Tager came and took her half dead body back to sector-7 so that Kokonoe could rip the soul out of her and stuff it into Lambda-11's body which was in only...slightly better shape after having been left to rot on a pile of trash for several years at the ruins of the Ibukido site.
    • Tsubaki Yayoi is a noble swordswoman and diplomat... who suffered crippling isolation due to her siblings dying from incest-invoked complications and an emotional dependency on Jin Kisaragi, wound up separated from him due to Noel Vermillion being moved into the seat of ministerial secretary that she (read: Tsubaki) was better suited to, was trapped in the Zero Squadron for the remaining months, and found herself sent on a mission to terminate both Noel and Jin. Terumi proceeded to "motivate" her by telling her that Noel "stole" her spot with Jin, leaving out that Jin would have left for Kagutsuchi anyway due to his own psychosis, and that she was so desperate that she abused her family status, demoted from First Lieutenant and jumped to Zero Squadron just to bring Jin back, only to inevitably get impaled by Nu in the effort. When she fails against Noel, Terumi brainwashes her to use as his pawn against Jin and Hakumen. Then things get worse in Chronophantasma, as the pressure of conflict with numerous individuals, especially Jin, cause Izayoi to assert control over her, leaving little more than a Murakumo-esque thrall. At least, if Arcade stories are to be trusted.
    • Trinity Glassfille is one of the Six Heroes... and hopelessly lovestruck with Kazuma Kvar, who would later become a host for Yuuki Terumi. Terumi manipulated that love for him to have Trinity release Nine's geas on him, only to proceed to backstab them both and dump them into a cauldron. She winds up sealed within Muchorin afterwards, and shares a body with two kids, possessing only the strength to emerge for minutes at a time, and harbors a Guilt Complex over her role in Nine's death.
      • She dies for good in Chronophantasma, thanks to Terumi. Bastard.
  • Woolseyism: Many of the puns and jokes are suited entirely to Japanese, and don't translate over well into English, so naturally there's a lot of original writing in the English versions. Hence, all the memes. For most games this would come across as incredibly corny and lazy, but for Blazblue, being the kind of game it is, this actually works quite well.
    Hazama: "C'mon, now, Carl Clover? Why so serious?"

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